Fitbit announces Versa, its latest smartwatch fitness tracker

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Fitbit announced two brand-new products today, plus a much-requestion additional feature for the Fitbit app.

If you already know the Ionic, you'll know a lot of the fitness features included here.

Bands for the Fitbit Versa come in gray, peach, periwinkle, black and white.

This is the best Fitbit you can buy, period. Fitness gamification has always been a big part of fitness trackers' appeal, and kids would probably appreciate that aspect, as well, encoring them to get up and moving, away from their screens for the recommended 60 minutes a day (not to mention the nine to 12 hours of recommended sleep a night).

After tepid sales of its first smartwatch, Fitbit has a new model for the Spring with a lower price and a more appealing look.

The software still needs some work, however. The overall design, however, is apparently inspired by Apple's designs when it comes to material choices, color options, and finishes.

It's not a new concept, but having this easily available in the Fitbit app may help you understand fluctuations in your health and exercise regime better. All Versa watches in Europe and Asia will come with Fitbit Pay onboard, but in the USA you'll need to get the £229.99 Special Edition Versa to get the feature.

While Fitbit will also release the Fitbit Ace in the coming months - a tracker aimed towards kids - the company is truly relying on the Fitbit Versa to drive some significant sales and re establish the company as the go-to manufacturer for fitness trackers - especially in the high-end scene.

The device is the most basic tracker band in the company's catalog and it comes in blue and purple, tracking activity in a similar way to a traditional Fitbit band.

There's also a host of smartwatch features onboard, such as smartphone notifications, Deezer music streaming, Fitbit Pay contactless payment, apps, and downloadable clock faces. For instance, the buttons on the sides and the heart rate sensor underneath.

Parents can monitor who their child connects with via the Fitbit app and they are able to view their kid's data. That is not the only thing Fitbit is banking on though. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details.

Additionally, Fitbit Ace users can compete with friends or family members who also have the device in fitness challenges.

It's the software that seems to be the most interesting new feature.

Before talking about what Versa has, let's take a look at what it doesn't.

This Fitbit device isn't ideal, though.

The battery life on the Versa also isn't clear but Fitbit claims it will last over four days, which should be quite good considering you'll only need to recharge it around twice a week.

But if you like the svelte and versatile design and you're just looking for something that will reliably track your steps and activity, then you might not need those extra features anyway. We've yet to learn of the exact dimensions, but it's slimmer and lighter than the Ionic or the Blaze so looks to be the ideal option if you have smaller wrists.

In the world of smartwatches, there aren't many players left. You'll be able to log your cycle and record symptoms like headaches and cramps. It'll get you five days of battery on a single charge, features a display that's bright and clear enough to see outdoors, and it's comfortable enough to wear all day. If so, what are your experiences?