Betsy DeVos Calls "60 Minutes" a Waste of a Half Hour

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CBS did not immediately respond to a query about her tweets. "It hurts me to my core that kids like me don't have a chance with Betsy DeVos as the person taking care of their education", she confessed.

President Trump's new federal commission on school safety will consider repealing an Obama administration policy that discourages expelling or suspending unruly students due to concerns that such disciplinary actions unfairly target minorities. She is a champion of using public funds for private and religious school education, and critics say she is determined to privatize public education. California, Hawaii and Washington state showed the most improvement on the test in the last three years. DeVos has been pushing reductions in funding for public schools.

STAHL: Now, has that happened in MI? We're in MI, your home state.

DeVos: Michi- Yes, well, there's lots of great options and choices for students here.

"There are now more than 3,000 students who live in Lansing but attend public schools elsewhere in the area, according to state data".

DEVOS: I don't know.

"I give a lot of credit to the students for raising their voices", DeVos told Stahl.

According to a transcript of the episode on CBS' website, correspondent Lesley Stahl visited DeVos in MI and asked her whether her previous efforts as a school choice advocate have improved public education institutions overall.

Regarding charter schools in Detroit, CREDO says: "Charter students in the city of Detroit (27% of the state's charter students), are performing even better than their peers in the rest of the state, on average gaining almost three months achievement for each year they attend charter schools".

"Maybe you should", Stahl said.

Jacobs told the Detroit News there were a number reasons why MI seems to have test anxiety, particularly the local control over schools. "There is no doubt about it".

"But that really isn't true", Stahl argued, noting that test scores have gone up over the last 25 years. Undoubtedly, some of those permits are issued to teachers already, and local and state laws are preventing them from doing so on the job.

On the subject of arming school teachers, which Trump has recommended, DeVos said she could not imagine her first-grade teacher carrying a gun but said it was one solution and should be considered "for those who are capable".

DEVOS: "Maybe I should". In other words, by visiting a struggling school, she would learn more about their struggles and challenges. Nobody mentioned the charts she cited in her tweet, comparing MI standardized test scores to national averages.

STAHL: They want gun control. The "60 Minutes" correspondent noted that MI schools were not doing well.

DeVos's thoughts are imperfectly timed given President Donald Trump's analysis of the guns-in-school debate: a recent Twitter tirade revealed Trump's demand that schools not be "gun-free zones" as that would invite "violence and danger". Asked whether public schools in MI have improved, DeVos answered: "I don't know". Michael Bennett (D-Colo.) noted that charter performance in Detroit was nothing to brag about. Around 90 percent of American children attend public schools. I don't know. But I'm committed to a process that's fair for everyone involved.