Baker Mayfield to have 'formal interview' with Bills at NFL Scouting Combine

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Mayfield has made plenty of headlines, of course, for his on-field successes, as well as some antics that drew criticism.

After the Sooners lost to Georgia in the Rose Bowl in the national semifinals, Mayfield stayed in the Los Angeles area and has spent most of his time there preparing for the combine and draft. "People forget that he's a talented football player", Mayfield said.

Josh Rosen threw for 3,756 yards with 26 touchdowns in his final season with the Bruins.

"I think he's got plus size, plus arm strength, outstanding athlete, and I really like the way he extends plays inside and outside of the pocket", Mayock said in a conference call.

Sam Darnold, one of the top quarterback prospects, is not throwing tomorrow.

General manager John Elway will meet with both during 15-minute interviews at the National Football League combine and later host them on visits to the Broncos' Dove Valley training facility.

Since 2003, only five quarterbacks 6-foot-2 or shorter, Rex Grossman, Aaron Rodgers, Christian Ponder, Johnny Manziel, and Patrick Mahomes, have been selected in the first round. They've proven that it doesn't matter. I'm trying to show who I really am, not who I'm trying to be, because I don't want them to draft someone they think they're getting and then not to get that guy.

"This is the biggest interview of my life", Mayfield said. "But the way I've been able to get my guys around me to play, not just the offensive players but the defensive guys, special teams, the energy I bring, the passion I bring - it's infectious". I'm upfront and honest. But I'm not gonna go in there and act like I have it all figured out. "I think I can diagnose defenses and put the ball where it needs to be, and make quick decisions".

"I'm not going to go in the locker room and act like I've got it all figured out". I've always been brutally honest.

"With what I went through, if you go young, throw them out there and get them going". So they can ask any questions. "Any question they ask is fair game".

Some of the prospects at the combine view their meetings with the media as an opportunity to tell their story, state their case and go out of their way to be as pleasant, cooperative and effusive as possible. "I know that, but everybody has a role on the team and if you're not pushing those guys around you to be better, you're not doing it right".

"Like I said, we're looking at every option that we can and where our football team is", he said. "... What I've seen is obviously there are some things that he'd admit that he'd want to take back. I'm not going to say one person is better than me". He's a great dude, I love hanging around him and being with him, and whoever gets him is extremely lucky. I think that's the most important thing.

OK, fine. If this is confidence, he's straddling the edge of cocky. He's always been there for whatever I needed, both on and off the field. It just bothers me a little bit that he ought to override his trainer or override his agent or override his parents, whoever is telling him not to throw.

"They're investing a lot of money in these guys they're drafting so they're asking questions, " Mayfield said. I think if anybody is going to turn that franchise around, it would be me.

"They're close, they're very close", Mayfield said. Darnold blew his chance at shutting the door on the rest of the competition by not competing right there with them.