Apple buys magazine subscription service Texture

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Considering that Apple's biggest acquisition to date was the $3 billion purchase of Beats, a deal seemed out of character for the deep-pocketed but calculating company. For those unfamiliar, Texture is a digital magazine subscription service that some have likened to the Netflix for magazines. The company was based in Silicon Valley and largely backed by publishers in NY.

Texture, founded in 2010, brings over 200 of the world's best magazines to life for $9.99 per month.

Texture's magazine catalog includes Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Bloomberg Businessweek.

In an era of mega media mergers, it seemed like a logical question to ask: will Apple buy Disney or Netflix?

Apple hasn't said how it will incorporate Texture into its lineup of products - it already has the News app, and Texture seems like a natural addition to it. "We don't try to sell the most smartphones in the world; we don't try to sell the most apps, we try to make the best one".

It's possible that at some point, Apple may integrate aspects of Texture into its News app.

The new meeting ground for video programming distributors! "We want them to look awesome and we want them to be from trusted sources".

The Cupertino giant didn't disclose the financial terms of the acquisition.

Cue said Apple previously didn't "know anything about making television" and has built a team of around 40 people to focus on content creation and distribution.

The American public is anxious about the credibility of information from technology companies.

False or misleading news has always been a part of our culture, most notably with the rise of social media. According to a survey from Pew Research Center conducted in August of 2017, roughly two thirds of Americans get some of their news from social media. Even so, the company has acquired the rights to around a dozen new shows thus far, and also renewed its existing Carpool Karaoke series based on James Corden's Late Late Show segment.