7 signs you've picked too many NCAA tournament upsets

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Could they do it again in the AAC Tournament?

After all the NCAA Tournament teams have been revealed, the brackets will then be unveiled one region at a time. Teams they have on the outside looking in are Alabama, Marquette, Baylor, Providence, Mississippi State, Syracuse and LSU. Star freshman Mo Bamba missed the last two games with a toe injury, and he'll be a game-time decision in Kansas City.

So, while the SEC bubble teams will be trying to win their own games to strengthen their resumes, they'll be rooting for some other power conference squads to lose early in their conference tourneys. What better way to put an exclamation point on his season than a big performance in the Big 12 tournament?

Michigan State doesn't fare well with perimeter-heavy teams and that's one of the biggest concerns heading into March. A loss in the ACC Tournament to Wake Forest would likely be a death blow, but two wins likely gets them over the hump.

According to the AP Top 25 rankings for week 18, three of the top ten teams are from the Big Ten Conference.

Senior forward Isaiah Wilkins said the Cavaliers can't rest on their laurels as they go into the postseason. In 14 of the years, the sum of the seeds of the teams that made the Final Four was 10 or lower, but there have since been more dark horse teams making runs in March.

Rasmussen said the process isn't limited to particular criteria and added the committee follows "the bracketing principles pertaining to geography as we strive to get as many teams as we can to the closest site available".

The only remaining question is, where will UM play next week in the NCAA tournament? First, teams find out if they're in.

As far as this season's bubble teams, their model predicts St. Bonaventure, Utah, Oklahoma State and Saint Mary's are the Last Four In. It's hard to tell how the weeklong layoff between the conference tournament and Selection Sunday will have on Big Ten bubble teams.

Honestly, how lucky are we have to have arguably the greatest game day coach in the country?

Virginia (28-2) has won five in a row at this point, and it has the defensive core and clutch scoring to go into the NCAA tournament as the overall No. 1 seed. There hasn't been a game decided by one possession since 1996, before many of today's college players were alive. Also last month, Yahoo Sports uncovered documents from an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe that revealed payments and expenditures on college and high-school basketball prospects by ASM Sports agency. Utah will need AT LEAST two wins to be considered on Sunday.

Virginia defeated Louisville 75-58 on Thursday afternoon.

As the Hokies push toward the NCAA Tournament, stay up to date with our email newsletter. So I do think in the back of everyone's mind is talk of the FBI investigation and the department of justice, but I think once the games start, I think people look at it as an escape and an opportunity to get away from all the bad news and enjoy some really good college basketball. It's anyone's game in this March Madness.