15-year-old student arrested following Wellington school threat

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The Genoa Township Police Department has made an arrest following a tip from the Safe School Helpline regarding a troubled student posing a potential danger at Westerville Central High School. "At no point in time did we feel like there was a direct threat made to this building or to the students in the building".

Ruder said the school families that reported the verbal threats Thursday were following that advice.

Friday's arrest marks at least the sixth that is related to a school threat in San Diego County in recent weeks.

The cases are being investigated as felony terrorist threats.

Police are on the scene investigating. Police said in each circumstance, the accused students said the threat was a joke, they were trying to impress someone or other reasons.

Peterson wrote in the report the student was upset in the office area and screamed, "I am going to shoot the school up!"

State police also say the student made statements that he was capable of making bombs.

Although the letter stated that the threat was not "a credible threat to (the) school", it was enough to start a conversation at home. We will have extra patrols at the school so if you see patrols cars at the high school that is what we are doing. During the day on Thursday, additional officers were placed at the school as an added precaution. Those who drive to school were allowed to leave, he said.

"We want to thank the Enid Police Department and the Enid Public Schools Police Department for their diligence and support last night", Graham Fitzgerald said.