Which country will win the most medals at the Winter Olympics?

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Although she's recovering from a knee injury, she's still on the schedule to compete this Olympics, alongside another medal victor, Kelsey Serwa. In women's freestyle skiing aerials, Belarus' Hanna Huskova took home gold, the first for the former Soviet republic in these Games, by beating a pair of Chinese skiers, Zhang Xin (silver) and Kong Fanyu (bronze).

If you're really into the Winter Olympics, you can buy your own Soohorang doll online for about $50.

Team Canada added two medals - one gold and one bronze - on Day 8 in Pyeongchang, bringing the total hardware haul so far to 15.

It could be worse.

Dom Parson's celebrated with gusto after winning Britain's first skeleton medal in 70 years.

"I have done my best. It's all a myth", USA men's figure skater Adam Rippon told Out Magazine.

So why is this being given to athletes instead of flowers and medals?

It is of course hard to predict Olympic medals.

Also look out for the top medal contenders in Norway's Heidi Weng (a 2014 Sochi Olympics bronze medalist in 15km skiathlon) and Ingvild Flugstad Ostberg (a 2014 Sochi Olympics gold medalist in team sprint and silver medalist in sprint).

With the dismal performance have come dismal ratings for NBC, which paid $963 million for the games, up from $775 million for Sochi.

PyeongChang is 14 hours ahead of the US and the Opening Ceremony was not shown on USA television until the following night. Bleacher Report publishes an Olympics newsletter with the latest news and opinions from South Korea.

US teenagers have a lot of potential.

Weirather finished down in 22th place in the giant slalom, but the super-G is her specialty.

Nine U.S. Olympians are representing Pennsylvania in the games, most of whom play for the men's ice hockey team.

South Korean officials were left scrambling over an outbreak of the virus days before the Games started.

She is the gold medal favorite and you can watch the women's slalom Thursday night in prime time.

Viewers of the Summer Olympics may remember winners getting medals shortly after completing their events.

Yun smashed that. South Korea has its first Olympic sliding gold, and got it emphatically.

These two will face tough competition from Austria's Matthias Mayer, who is looking to defend his downhill gold medal. So in this imaginary world, which conferences would dominate the rest and why?

Although there may not be any flowers at the Olympics anymore, there is a little bit of floral tradition in Soohorang's little hat.