US men win curling gold over Swedish team

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The curling world was left nearly speechless early Thursday morning when the US men defeated Canada to not only advance to its first gold medal game in the sport, but also force Canada to settle for the bronze medal game for the first time since curling returned to the Olympics in 1998.

Matt Hamilton, Tyler George, John Landsteiner of United States of America compete in the Curling Men's Semi-final against Canada on day thirteen of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games on February 22, 2018.

"It is everything for our country", US coach Robb Stauber said. "I can't tell you how un-nervous I was sitting in the hack to throw it". "We forget that sport is war because participation trophies and the like have inured us to the reality of athletic endeavor". "It's called "Oops, I did it again" and I'm just thrilled beyond words". It was a thrilling final. "I am just so happy for our players".

Canada kept USA's offense at bay with some solid defensive pressure, but the Americans caught Canada in a bad line change and took advantage with about six minutes left in the third period.

It made for an early morning, and tired eyes in preparation of Game 2 versus Western.

Lamoureux-Davidson said she had repeatedly practised the move in which she feinted to the left before taking the puck round Szabados to the right to score the winning penalty-shot. At the time, USA Hockey spent about $3.5 million on boys' programs, while girls' programs were no where near that level.

"I learned a lot, so it was fun, yeah", said Chilson. "We come from a rich history of curling where we won everything, and that's not the way it is anymore". To seal the deal, Rooney, a redshirt junior at Minnesota Duluth, stopped one last shot, returning Team U.S.A. back to the top of the podium.

Though never experiencing that sort of loss, Sunohara has a strong grasp of the pain those 23 Canadians and their families felt into the Korean night and beyond. Sweden scored two, but with the hammer going to the United States for the 10th, a victory was out of reach.

"It's hugely disappointing", Koe said. "We're going to come in and try our asses off for the bronze medal", he said. "It is not a great feeling at all". That is not the case for the tournament final, but it has chosen to keep the shootout anyway.

Canada's Lauriane Rougeau (5) comforts forward Rebecca Johnston (6) after losing to the United States in a shootout in the women's gold medal hockey game at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018.

On Thursday in Pyeongchang, Larocque experienced the other side of competition as Canada fell 3-2 to Team USA in an epic shootout, ending a 20-year reign on the gold medal for Canada.

Shuster's victory follows a particularly rocky Olympic path.

Kali Flanagan, of Burlington and Boston College, might have summed up the USA team's emotions Thursday morning with a simple tweet.