Trump repeats call to arm trained teachers on school campuses

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"The teachers love their children, they love their pupils, they love their students".

After covering numerous school shootings and their aftermath, it's clear to me that students are just as vulnerable today as they were 20-25 years ago.

President Trump said Saturday that it would be up to states to decide whether to implement his controversial proposal to arm teachers, with the hope of deterring gunmen like the one who killed 17 people last week in South Florida. How many more will it take for our elected officials to open their mouths and minds, and commit to act?

"I knew that the inspiration that his family and his wife gave him was the strength that allowed him to make a decision in split second in order to give his life over to his students in order to save them, even if it was only three students or a half dozen students". I've been to the homes where they're sitting shiva. The White House has yet to provide any details.

On March 14, the National School Walkout will be held. The school's flags flew at half-staff, and the parking lot was still full of bicycles left behind in a panic as students fled the shooting on foot. A big yellow banner stating "Never Again" had been hanging in her classroom even as students hid from gunfire beneath their desks. A school shooting lasts an average two to four minutes and Judd explained that the police response time is an average of five minutes.

Scott proposed a $450 million initiative for student safety, calling for the presence of a resource officer in every public school and giving sheriffs' departments the power "to train additional school personnel or reserve law enforcement officers" if local school boards ask.

I will be part of this action. That night, I will attend the 40th reunion of the Fort Myers High School Class of 1978.

"Honestly, both sides are pretty corrupt and I'm not willing to take a side unless I know the person", said Hogg.

In numerous school shooting cases that followed, the death penalty was never enacted - though many advocates argued for it. They never had to put together a memorial page in the yearbook for their murdered classmates. "They're from the community and the surrounding community and it doesn't concern me at all", Kevin Hansen, whose three children go to the Tri-Valley School District - about 25 miles northwest of Sioux Falls -- told CNN affiliate KELO. My math teacher in seventh grade warned me that the gunshots would be loud.

The world is different for the Parkland teenagers, who are wise beyond their years.

There's scant evidence that more cops and security guards on campus actually stop school shootings. She remembers the 17 lives lost, including her fellow educators who died protecting students.

"Columbine resulted in new approaches in which patrol officers are being trained to respond to active shooters as quickly as possible", the Police Executive Research Forum, a think tank backed by major-cities chiefs, wrote in a 2014 report. She said enhanced security measures at schools can make buildings look more like war zones and prisons than nurturing environments.

Safety drills or "lock-downs" have become routine requiring teachers to turn off the lights, lock their doors, push kids down on the floor, under their desks, away from windows. It's about 20 years ago this year I started my teaching career.

Andrew Pollack, whose 18-year-old daughter, Meadow, died in the February 14 school shooting, ripped into the school resource officer who stayed outside during the slaughter of 17 victims. "This might be the generation that finally breaks through on this issue". The Parkland movement wants action. Instead, zero tolerance veered off into a discussion about how blacks, Latinos, and kids with disabilities were disproportionately punished, not just for drugs or guns but for violating school codes of conduct and dress.

We need your spirit and passion. It is common sense.