Sea of Thieves on PC Requirements Detailed

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Despite coming in somewhat under the radar, the hype train for Sea of Thieves is slowly, but surely, beginning to gather steam. "Based on us continuing to build this game, we'll probably consider some form of microtransaction".

As it turns out, Sea of Thieves is much deeper than what we saw last month. In addition, Rare will be adding microtransactions after launch, though they will never include a loot box system. These microtransactions will be purely cosmetic rewards and loot boxes will not be featured in the game what so ever. You will also earn a legendary ship, but Rare wouldn't go into much detail, other than to say that it "has access to things other ships don't".

"After a few months, this is when we want to be rolling out the first expansions for the game", says executive producer Joe Neate.

This lines up with the information uncovered by dataminers during the beta, as a premium shop is hidden within the game's code. But obviously they won't get hurt, and they will come back. - Let us know in the comments!

Further to that Neate emphasised his passion for firing said pets out of canons: "I really, really want to allow us to fire cats and other animals out of cannons". It's just the right spirit for what Sea of Thieves is. Because we've always had this real strong belief that the game would be watchable and shareable, but we're still seeing it excel.

Unlike the majority of modern first-person games, which are often set in war-torn cities or grater-filled battlefields, Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed open-world adventure game with a cartoon twist. So if I've got a cat, I can pick up it up and look at it, or you can pick it up and run off with it.

With this being an Xbox Play Anywhere title that means you will have the option of playing on both Xbox One and PC and the game is cross-platform between both of the platforms.

"For example - and this isn't a feature yet - we could have a fountain of youth in the game, where you could go to it and by interacting with it, it would make your character younger", Duncan explained.