Paul Ryan says not to doubt his 'real commitment' to DACA

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Critics have accused Pelosi and other Democratic leaders of failing to maximize their leverage in recent budget fights for the sake of securing legal protections for the "Dreamers", young immigrants brought to the country illegally as kids.

Paul brushed off pleas from his fellow Republicans, who billed the budget plan as an "emergency" measure needed for a depleted military.

Combined with the Republicans' December tax cut bill, the burst in spending would put the GOP-controlled government on track for the first $1 trillion-plus deficits since Obama's first term and the aftermath of the most recent recession nine years ago.

A band of tea party Republicans swung against the legislation as well, repelled by its spiraling spending levels.

"Once again, Democrats are threatening to hold government funding & pay for our troops hostage over an unrelated issue", House Republican Steve Pearce tweeted. "What's wrong? There's something wrong with this picture", Pelosi said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, criticized Paul on Twitter.

In doing so, Lamb joined many Democratic candidates in swing districts.

The bill also keeps the government running until late March.

Ryan, for his part, reiterated Thursday that he will not bring any immigration bill to the floor unless it already has President Trump's blessing.

The Senate had passed the budget deal on a 71-28 vote not long after the shutdown began at midnight.

But Pelosi's critics have charged that, without following the speech with a strong whip effort against the budget deal, her feat of endurance amounts to little more than empty theater. But when she asked members for their statements about DREAMers, her office was "flooded with them", she said. Republicans are. And the most famous/infamous politician in the country is the Republican now residing in the White House. We have spent the last three weeks insisting that we don't want to shut the government down over DACA, and she essentially made the whole thing about it. Can they make Pelosi the centerpiece of the 2018 campaign even as Democrats are trying to do the same with Trump? They just launched another round of television ads in a US House special election in Pittsburgh that linked Democrat Conor Lamb to Pelosi. But when the debate might happen - and what kind of bill Trump can support - is still unclear. The setback left party members divided. When 5 p.m. rolled around, the House minority leader had been speaking for some eight hours, but it wasn't just the record-setting length of her speech that captured the country's attention - it was also her shoes. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) wondered.

Gutierrez added that he was thankful for Pelosi's speech in support of DACA recipients and her demand to give their plight a vote, but that he was not sure what the outcome would be in a formal caucus meeting. The House would then vote later Thursday evening or potentially in the early morning hours of Friday, depending on time agreements in the Senate and how long it takes to formally get the bill to the House.