Marvel movie 'Black Panther' hopes for cultural shift

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While it's not uncommon for a hot new film release to be accompanied by an album of tracks either inspired by or even featured within the movie, "Black Panther: The Album" is very unique.

Here are five things you need to know about "Black Panther". The vehicle is designed with afrofuturist design principles in mind, evident in its sleekness and rich attention to detail.

This auto also echoes the precedent set by the film's costume designer Ruth Carter, who worked with a team of highly-skilled individuals to help craft the unique garb worn by the characters within this latest Marvel production. Equal parts traditionalist with a tinge of futurism, the clothing, akin to the Lexus automobile, updates more traditional motifs for a modern demographic. But in some ways he's like a more serious-minded Loki - far more complex and more sympathetic than your typical, CGI-created, fire-breathing, deep-voice-bellowing superhero foe. She longs to use Wakanda's resources to help other African nations, but the country's policy is to remain magically disguised as a poor, third-world country - lest the world try to exploit its riches.

Fandango is offering their limited edition Black Panther gift cards here, as well as other movie-themed gear here. Current estimates have the new Marvel movie making a resounding $165 million at the US Box office this weekend. Having an all-black cast is refreshing - let's just hope that we're not still saying that in years to come.

Coogler's CV is surprisingly short for someone at the helm of a franchise blockbuster - he only had two features out before Black Panther.

The album goes deeper, however, reflecting on the villain Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), an American trying to capture the throne of Wakanda.

MTV News: Through my research, I was going back and rereading Fantastic Four #52 (1966) and I didn't realize how revolutionary it was, considering how black heroes in the '30s, '40s, and '50s were basically illiterate servants in blackface, and really racist. It isn't just that the damsels spend more time saving the day than being in distress.

She acknowledged that while her character shuns the stereotypical path of a female lead, the road to change in the modern world is not as seamless. But that's a quibble given the abundance of meticulous and pleasing touches, from Kendrick Lamar's musical contributions to the Easter eggs within the closing credits.

I also wasn't sure Chadwick Boseman ("42", "Get On Up") was the best choice for T'Challa even after his show-stealing debut as the Panther in "Civil War".

Black Panther's stunt team spent two weeks filming the centrepiece vehicle chase in Busan, taking in numerous city locations.

"Killmonger is very much talking about taking the fight to people and I think he's learnt that from the imperialism of the rest of the world, not from any black leader", says Boseman.

That's because Snipes, one of the biggest action stars of the '90s, knows what doors the film will open for African-Americans throughout Hollywood.

I do want to talk briefly about something that happened in the theater on Monday night when I saw the movie. "There is laughter before someone says, as though delivering the punch line to the most painful joke ever told: "I would love this country, too". "We thought, 'Well, maybe we'll work it this way with an arc or work it that way with an arc'".

Demetri Ravanos is a member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association and has reviewed movies for Raleigh and Company, and The Alan Kabel Radio Network.