Joss Whedon Sheepishly Exits Batgirl: "Is There a Sexier Word for 'Failed?'"

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If you're reading this, chances are you've heard the news that Joss Whedon is exiting DC's Batgirl film, explaining that after a year of trying, he never really found the right story.

Joss Whedon has made a decision to leave "Batgirl" as director and writer, saying that story issues were to blame. While it would be easy to point at that film, the state of the DCEU, and perhaps Whedon's own personal issues as real reasons for him stepping down, it certainly does sound like Whedon was being honest. Picture Group president Toby Emmerich for their support. Some others expect that Warner Bros. will hire a female director for the project. Whedon was originally brought into the DC fold when Zack Snyder departed from Justice League during the final stages of production and oversaw reshoots on the film. James Viscardi of Comicbook and Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap have voiced their opinions on Whedon's exit from Batgirl on Twitter.

Whedon has previously insisted he has plenty of confidence directing movies.

This would have been the DC superheroine's first standalone, live-action adventure. Whedon was also developing a Batgirl movie which he was going to write, direct and produce which would have featured Barbara Gordon.

Batgirl was supposed to be the next female superhero-lead movie after Wonder Woman, but it looks like the film will have to take a backseat for a while.

Thanking the entire universe for not allowing the sexist & bad Joss Whedon Wonder Woman to ever get made.

With Justice League in the rear-view mirror and its commercial reception an embarrassing failure for Warner Bros., it is the popularity of Wonder Woman and the commercial success of Suicide Squad which have kept the current DC movie universe afloat. Yes, Marvel might be breaking box-office records every film release, but they need to concede Marvel just does it better and rather find their own unique way to tell their own stories instead. The film studio is now working on a Wonder Woman sequel with director Patty Jenkins and Gadot reprising her role. I'm sure many of us have.