Android Go phones will be unveiled at next week's MWC 2018

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The Android One project was also initially developed for low-end phones and saw success in several southeast Asian markets.

The first Android will be going to have the Go treatment which is regarded as the Android Oreo that can be tweaked to sip on system resources which is also as efficiently as possible for any smartphone. However, what is known is that some of those Android Go smartphones will be priced under $50.

Now however - the situation is about to change with Android Go. Google has created a platform specifically for smart displays (video below) built on top of Android Things, the platform for internet of things (IoT) products, but Archos has chose to use the version of Android designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Google's senior vice president of platforms and ecosystem, Hiroshi Lockheimer has confirmed the launch of these new smartphones at MWC 2018. The company has also announced that the smartphone in question will cost less than 50 dollars (roughly Rs 3,200) - which is set to be quite a lucrative price. The smartphone is tipped to be unveiled under the moniker "Nokia 1".

What is all the hype about?

Stop trying to make timely Android updates happen.

They will ship with a range of software, including YouTube Go, a Go version of Google Assistant, Google's Data Saver app and the Files Go peer-to-peer, file-sharing app.

"You can expect more Android Enterprise Recommended devices to be added in the coming weeks and months". Nearly a 15% faster app performance can be expected, as revealed by Google.

The Android Oreo (Go Edition) is actually Android Go that was announced by Google at its I/O 2017 developer conference.

That is not all.

Google is working to help enterprises determine which Android devices are robust enough for their business via a new recommendation program. Google still promises "a high-quality experience". In case you have forgotten, the Android Go is a special configuration of Android Oreo that is built for entry-level devices sporting 1GB RAM or less. He said the Android Go devices based on Oreo will be up for purchase after the official announcement which is happening next week.