YouTube Puts Logan Paul YouTube Red Projects On Indefinite Hold

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How did a dead body end up on YouTube?

The video showed Paul and his friends at the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji, known to be a frequent site of suicides.

Paul posted the video with a man's body on December 31, triggering widespread criticism.

Paul now has over 15.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

YouTube has spent the past year telling advertisers it's safe to run their ads on the world's biggest video site.

Ultimately, YouTube stated that Paul's video "violated" the platform's community guidelines and confirmed that it was "looking at further consequences". The newly announced actions appear to be those consequences.

The corporation acknowledged the anger by starting a tweet response on January 9 with the sentence: "Many of you have been frustrated with our lack of communication recently". This prompted YouTube to take more active steps in addressing the problem, one of which was to cut the YouTuber from the platform's Preferred Program.

YouTube has also reportedly paused YouTube Red features in development with Paul.

But over the past year, "brand safety" has been a recurring problem for YouTube, prompting a series of pledges and promises to fix things. While it's likely that YouTube would have eventually flagged the video, its systems and moderators did not do so before the video garnered millions of views and likes. The Preferred Program, however, happens to be a more exclusive grouping which acts as a guarantee of sorts for advertisers to expect quality video content.

As a 22-year-old YouTube star, one wants to hope that Logan Paul didn't know that what he was doing was incredibly wrong, disrespectful and thoughtless. "Good job YouTube, better late than never".

As a result, whether or not The Thinning: A New World Order will launch is still unclear. It's been hinted he may be punished further, but for now the millionaire can still earn money from YouTube's nonpreferred platform.

However, that didn't satisfy the masses who were metaphorically calling for Paul's head.

The new approach will be applied to videos that are part of Google Preferred, a set of popular YouTube channels Google sells to advertisers at a higher prices, these people said. When Paul saw the body, his first instinct was to yell: "Yo, are you alive?"