Women's March kicks off voter registration movement

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In Seattle, this protester wore a Seattle Seahawks jersey making reference to impeaching Trump.

More than 30 countries took part in the second day of rallies in major cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney.

One key distinction between last year's march and this year's - besides the surprising increase in attendance here in Pittsburgh - was the content of the signs protesters waved in the air. They were joined by Italian actress and director Asia Argento, who made headlines after alleging in 2017 she had been sexually assaulted by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in the 1990s.

Thousands of people have rallied in cities across Australia to support women's rights and show solidarity with those marching elsewhere around the globe.

Thousands of people poured into a football stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, the anniversary of women's marches around the world, to cap off a weekend of global demonstrations that participants hope will continue building momentum for equality, justice and an end to sexual harassment.

We have a responsibility as women to register and vote on behalf of candidates who promote these issues.

The national organization anticipates holding events similar to the one in Las Vegas in battleground states throughout the year as part of a national effort to energize female voters, said Fendlay.

Sarah Casey and Leslie Morgan, both of Las Vegas, registered to vote at the stadium.

Canadian organizers said 38 communities were hosting marches, rallies and other events.

Those concerns arose a year ago during a panel I attended at the Women's Convention in Detroit, hosted by the Women's March.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: What's the energy like there? The who's who of celebrity activists are here - people like Alicia Garza, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter. More than ever before, yesterday's march showed an anti-Trump opposition that Republicans will have to take seriously this November. They're going to talk about politics.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, celebrated the efforts of women of color in elections past year, while urging white women to recognize the role they have to play to help bring change to women of color and their communities. "We're all coming together, and I think that is the most important thing here today", said Ibiron Keogunye, Women's March. It seems to be an odd choice. Last year, she was in Toronto "as I couldn't bear being in the US on Inauguration Day". Officials tell Fadel that although the venue can hold 40,000, they expected roughly 17,000.

The state has been a swing state in the past several election cycles and Hillary Clinton narrowly carried it in 2016 - after it twice went for President Barack Obama.

"We want to let people to know Vegas is strong, and that's really why they chose this place", said Chris Giunchigliani, a Clark County commissioner and a Democratic candidate for Nevada governor.

The group sought to turn protests into political action by encouraging women to run for office and exercise their right to vote and influence elections.

But the Nevada rally is attempting to push a more pragmatic result than just displaying anger and dismay in light of Trump's first year in office.

"I hope she grows up in an environment where she feels she can speak her mind", Sara said. And they said they couldn't miss a moment to commemorate what happened past year - but also to show that they're still here, that they will go to the polls and that they are a forceful political power to be reckoned with.

Chloe Chiles-Troutman is just 13, but she arrived with some experience from last year's march: "I'm not sure if more people came - I think they did - but to be with a bunch of people who agree with me and believe in peace and things like that is really unbelievable".

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Is there big turnout?

"I felt like, oh, this could happen", she told Bre Payton of The Federalist and me.

Over 2,000 people took to the streets in downtown Vancouver on Saturday in a rally that began at Jack Poole Plaza and included a stop in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower on Georgia Street.