Winter Storm Pounds Northeast With Wind, Snow and Flooding

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The winter storm that impacted much of the East Coast on Thursday brought strong winds and blizzard conditions to many coastal areas.

This morning, people on the US East Coast woke up to a "bomb cyclone," a powerful winter storm that acts a bit like a snowy hurricane, and pictures of this explosive weather event from space show just how hurricane-like it actually is.

The service has warned the continuing low pressure system will continue to bring heavy snow, strong winds, and high waves along the coastline in Northern New England throughout Friday.

"We think there are going to be scattered records broken for low temperatures", said Dan Peterson, adding how the weather service expects 28 major cities across New England, eastern NY and the mid-Atlantic states will have record low temperatures by dawn on Sunday.

Utility companies across the East worked to fix downed power lines as about 31,000 customers remained without electricity early on Friday, down from nearly 80,000 the day before.

It began two days ago in the Gulf of Mexico and first struck the Florida Panhandle before moving up the coast.

Wind gusts were forecast to come in between 50 to 60 miles per hour from DE to the Jersey Shore, but some areas, such as Norfolk, Virginia, saw gusts above 70 miles per hour.

Up to 18 inches of snow was expected in eastern New England.

Winter Storm Pounds Northeast With Wind, Snow and Flooding
Winter Storm Pounds Northeast With Wind, Snow and Flooding

Rail service was affected too. Some ferry services even had to be shut down along the Canadian coast.

The treacherous weather forced the closure of an 80km stretch of Florida's Interstate 10. "This will be life threatening especially for those who lose power".

Authorites in North Carolina say three people were killed after their vehicles ran off snow-covered roads.

Commuters riding railways serving NY and Boston's suburbs endured extensive delays as crews worked to fix frozen equipment and clear snow-covered tracks. The deadly snowstorm caused four deaths in North Carolina traffic accidents and three in Texas. No one on the train was hurt.

Authorities say a 64-year-old OH man whose body was found on the front porch of his home by a meal delivery driver froze to death. Both died at hospitals from their injuries, police said. The cold will extend down to the mid-Atlantic states, he said. The high tide in Portland on Thursday was 13.79 feet, almost reaching the 14.17 foot mark reported during the Blizzard of 1978. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia can expect temperatures around 15 degrees to 20 degrees, Hurley said.

Numbing temperatures have also had some unusual effects: cold-shocked iguanas fell out of trees in Florida and wildlife officials in the state said they had rescued more than 200 stunned sea turtles from freezing waters.

Millions in these regions will bundle up against temperatures in the single digits and teens during the day and near or below zero at night.