Winter storm is moving in - The amount of snow and ice expected

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Even a small amount of ice will create hard travel conditions for the area into Friday morning's commute.

If snow manages to develop in the metro area, it will likely be after 6 or 7 p.m. and any accumulation will be very, very minor. Winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour. We expect rain showers and 40s for Friday morning.

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As for ice, this area is looking at.25 inches or more in total. Areas of blowing snow are expected after 2 a.m. Travelers should be wary of slippery roads, gusty winds and low visibility, the advisory says.

By 9-11 a.m., we could start to see the rain freeze once it reaches the ground (freezing rain), and towards the end of that timeframe, sleet is possible west of I-65. You can expect temps in the mid to upper teens through your Saturday afternoon with winds NW 7-17 miles per hour gusting to 25 miles per hour.

The Weather Channel reported that a front of freezing rain and sleet will pummel as far south as west Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and into the mid-Mississippi.

An AccuWeather projection shows a high of 24 with a low of zero for today, as snow tapers off with north-northwest winds gusting 19 miles per hour. The storm arrived Friday in certain areas, accumulating heavy snow, and was set to continue forging onward. "So, MLK Day stays cold and snowy with another 1-2" possible from this clipper system, and light snow will linger into Tuesday.

The Weather Service forecasts quiet weather into the middle of next week, other than the low pressure that will bring an 80 percent chance for snow Sunday night, mainly after 9 p.m., and 50 percent Monday. Temperatures fall into the 20s in the afternoon. This will be a very wet snow, making it very heavy and more hard to shovel.

Recent warmth may cause some of the snow partially melt near the ground and cling to trees and power lines, according to

Skies will be mostly cloudy on Saturday, while the high will be about 37 degrees with southwesterly winds up to about 14 miles per hour.