White House Press Secretary, CNN Reporter Battle Over Trump's TV Habits

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insulted MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson, sniped at CNN's Jim Acosta and insisted that President Donald Trump did not tweet an inaccurate statement condemning FISA after watching Fox & Friends this morning.

The 256 to 164 vote on the bill sets up the measure for consideration in the Senate, where leaders have said they believe they can pass the bill before the program's statutory authorization expires on January 19.

The program allows the National Security Agency to intercept calls or emails from suspected foreign terrorists outside the U.S.

The president appeared to contradict the position of his own administration.

Although controversial, officials from Democratic and Republican administrations have argued the eavesdropping tool is vital to counterterrorism and counterespionage efforts and has saved lives - an argument echoed by Trump's own White House.

Yet a couple of hours later, Trump sent out another tweet, affirming his support for renewal.

How much of Trump's health information the public gets to see is up to him, but Sanders said she expects him to release the same kind of details as past presidents.

During his weekly press conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked about the president's conflicting tweets on the FISA bill and his awareness of the law. "FISA is something the President should have known about long before he turned on Fox this morning".

In his second tweet Trump seemed to backtrack, pushing for the act to be re-upped.

Angered by the publication of a bombshell book that raised doubts over his mental faculties, Trump took to Twitter this weekend to describe himself as "a very stable genius" and "like, really smart".

The Senate will hold a procedural vote on the bill next week after it returns from a break, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Thursday.

The reauthorization bill, S. 139, isn't directly related to the unmasking issue.

And they follow a simmering feud that Trump has waged with the CIA and other intelligence agencies since before he took office. "It is well-known that he has concerns about the domestic FISA law", said Ryan, who went on to acknowledge that the domestic law was "not what we're doing today".

Americans cannot be the subject of 702 surveillance, but can be picked up in the surveillance of foreign targets.

Without congressional action, legal support for Section 702 will expire next week, although intelligence officials say it could continue through April.

Rep. Mark Meadows, who is backing an amendment - opposed by the White House - to make major changes to the FISA bill, said the President's tweets have "given people pause". Top Trump national security officials, including CIA Director Mike Pompeo and White House National Security Adviser Tom Bossert, scrambled to clarify the White House position in calls to Capitol Hill shortly after the president's Thursday morning tweet.