What Nancy Kerrigan thinks about 'I, Tonya'

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The movie depicts her as a woman who dealt with physical and mental abuse from both her mother and ex-husband Jeff Gillooly most of her life up to the 1994 incident. "I can skate, '" Harding shared with interviewer Amy Robach. Who in their right mind would ask to be attacked?

She has the steely-eyed resolve to prove all her critics wrong, especially her pushy mother (Allison Janney, who skates away with the movie), a chain-smoking monster in a thrift-store fur coat and a pageboy haircut that suggests a disturbing affinity for Dorothy Hamill. "I think she's having a great moment". "She can play me anytime".

Speaking to ABC, Golden admits to spanking her daughter with a hairbrush once at a competition but says it was an isolated incident.

But, it was a different story in Harding's case.

Harding said she didn't think much of Gillooly and Eckhardt's conversation, which took place one or two months before the attack, until a few days after Kerrigan's assault. Unlike her competitors, Harding and her family couldn't afford the nicest outfits and makeup money could buy.

The New York Times yesterday ran an interview on Harding: "Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now".

Harding has accompanied Robbie on red carpets and to this year's Golden Globes, as some seem to be embracing the movie's version as fact. We were never trailer trash. We had a lovely new trailer.

"Sure. Why not?" Harding said.

Harding said Golden has never met her son.

Harding did not take kindly to being questioned by Morgan: "Thank you so much, I appreciate being on your show".

Golden also wanted to clear up Harding's claim that she drank brandy with her coffee every morning before driving her to school. "The blockbuster "Star Wars: "The Last Jedi" has dominated theaters since its December 15 opening, and, as Baker said, "'Jumanji' is doing well, and that's a classic June or July movie". "You can't get drunk off brandy flavoring", Golden scoffed, adding, "Sorry to disappoint".

Harding said she wouldn't change a thing about her life.

Janney applies a heavy dose of profanity and sarcasm to her maternal dehumanization of her tiny daughter, who from age 4 is winning championships and surviving her mom's demeaning comments (they are brutal) and beatings (they are worse).

"I want to get back and do the things that I loved to do, which were my triples". Kerrigan's injury forces her to drop out of the skating competition, which Tonya Harding wins January 11, 1994: FBI investigates allegation that Harding's bodyguard, Shawn Eckardt, and her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, orchestrated the attack on Kerrigan. I am sad as I write this but at the same time I'm happy that I had such an adventure with the movie [I, Tonya] and with recreating a new positive image for her in the public eye.

Golden said it wasn't actually alcohol.

With the release of the Golden Globe-nominated I, Tonya, former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding has been back in the headlines, giving in-depth interviews about her life and the infamous 1994 attack on fellow USA figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

As if to prove that point even further, at Sunday's Golden Globes, Hollywood's perennial also-ran to the Academy Awards, Harding accompanied Robbie to the ceremony.