Watch Taylor Swift's Music Video For 'End Game'

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Is Taylor done with new relationships and ready for her "End Game?".

The "End Game" music video looks more like something a rapper would create and not Swift.

The wait is finally over for Taylor Swift fans.

There's Taylor and her dancers hanging with Future on a yacht in Miami.

And between the black framed specs and her hairstyle, this gave us major "22" vibes. The video now has 22,000 likes compared to only 5000 dislikes. Swift is partying throughout that video too-minus the drinking.

In the meantime, watch the teaser video below.

As well as this one which looks like a nod to the "Begin Again" video. We'll just leave this gif of Taylor Swift winking at us right here and wait for more juicy fan theories from you guys.

In "22", Swift walks on the beach during the day, her hair tucked into a cute knit cap. "The End Game video comes out tomorrow!" Her hair is messy and free.

But forget Tokyo! Now we're off to London, where a whole crew of new friends join Swift to make a champagne toast.

I wanna be your first string. Affable and spacious, "End Game" stands out on an album primarily defined by an atmosphere of chilly, brittle isolation. At one point, Tay takes the "Perfect" singer's glasses and put them on.

But turned upside down in "End Game". She made a quick statement, but then went completely M.I.A. from the public eye for basically an entire year.