US slaps sanctions on two North Korea individuals

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North Korea, unfortunately, has consistently been mentioned in some of the news world's biggest headlines throughout the past two years, nearly exclusively due to "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong Un's taste for nuclear weapons and fondness for testing their performance on land and sea. Pyongyang claims those it is now capable of sending those missiles to any part of the USA mainland.

A person familiar with the matter said, "Kim Jong Sik reportedly is a key figure in North Korea's ballistic missile development, including efforts to switch from liquid to solid fuel".

The sanctions announcement came as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held talks by phone in which they discussed North Korea's nuclear program. Both Trump and Kim also hurled insults at each other with Trump calling Kim "little rocket man", and Kim firing back, calling Trump a "dotard".

An unnamed South Korean official said: "Anthrax antibodies have been found in the North Korean soldier who defected this year".

Kim conducted 94 inspections in factories, farms, or military facilities which are widely publicized by the state media, reports Efe news.

Dr Jackson added that military response is one option that could rid the world of Kim Jong-un's threat. Last year, the Obama administration singled out a number of senior officials - including Kim Jong Un himself - for sanctions, citing human rights violations. The latest ICBM experiment in September signaled an advancement in its nuclear weapons program, with experts saying that it could reach the U.S. mainland if launched on a standard trajectory.

He said: "The Soviet Union did have warheads that were designed for biological weapons on long-range missiles".

US slaps sanctions on two North Korea individuals
US slaps sanctions on two North Korea individuals

The North Korean President has swiftly condemned the latest cache of sanctions as an "act of war and tantamount to a complete economic blockade".

On Friday, the United Nations increased the pressure after North Korea's recent intercontinental ballistic missile test. North Korea later said it categorically rejected the sanctions and called them illegal.

The U.N. Security Council gave its unanimous approval to strengthening measures against North Korea, including insurance sanctions.

North Korea has repeatedly denied the accusations.

"But historically, sanctions don't work on dictatorships, he warns".

Despite the claims of the North Korean regime that the concerns about anthrax weapons was "groundless", defense experts are deeply concerned.