Updates Will Make Chips "Immune" From New Security Vulnerabilities — Intel

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On the other hand, according to the New York Times, the wider Specter problem, which concerns all the chips, is considered more difficult to be "exploited" by hackers, but it is more difficult to solve.

This week, researchers announced they'd discovered 2 enormous security slip-ups that likely affect the "vast majority" of computers, servers, and smartphones built in the past 20 years.

"Spectre breaks the isolation between different applications".

Furthermore, Intel said that the security issues are not from the processor designs themselves, but in the approach that researchers used to compromise a system. That content includes sensitive information, including passwords and encryption keys. Known to have existed on devices released since 1995, these Intel CPU bugs could allow an attacker to access restricted areas of the operating system's kernel memory.

Mobile users who thought they were unaffected by the Meltdown flaw affecting Intel chips are suddenly not quite so secure. It's worth noting that the bugs are discoverable. The patches, however, will have some performance effects, noting that they will be at frustrating levels pegged at zero to 30 percent level.

However, it notes that a number of factors go into performance and results might vary.

"Intel will continue to work with its partners and others to address these issues, and Intel appreciates their support and assistance", the release added.

It is uncertain to what extend these patches will impact Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

Meltdown is a particular problem for companies such as Amazon and Google with cloud hosting services. Intel CPUs are particularly affected since the Meltdown vulnerability is apparently specific to them.

Make sure your device is up-to-date and officially supported.

Did you find this Intel meltdown fix news interesting? Xbox and fully updated Windows 10 is safe.

Google has already addressed the bug in Android phones with the January 5 security update for the operating system. The company also thinks that the performance drops will decrease over time as the software updates are tested and improved. ARM has put out a security briefing note, indicating which chips could have been affected by Spectre. "It was made pursuant to a pre-arranged stock sale plan (10b5-1) with an automated sale schedule". We'll update the article once more information is available.