Trump Delivers Promise To Farmers For New Farm Bill

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"Corrupt politics left our economies hurting, stagnant and millions of hard-working employees completely forgotten". "We are fighting for our farmers, for our country, and for our great American flag".

Not once in Nashville did Trump mention the Russian Federation investigation or rumors of turmoil within the White House, and he made only passing reference to immigration and his battles with the news media.

He said that means pressing for robust funding in the next five-year farm bill, with the current one expiring later this year.

During a discussion of the estate tax, Trump requested the crowd "get up" and give a standing ovation.

Burrell got a special White House invitation to be the president's VIP guest and said the convention and Trump's actions could help everyone. "You are forgotten no more", he told farmers.

The president assured the largely sympathetic crowd he would end the "regulatory assault on [their] way of life" and put more money back in farmers' pockets. "We have cut 22 regulations for every new regulation".

"It would be devastating for agriculture if we would do away with NAFTA, both Mexico and Canada, our two largest trading partners".

The Rev. Jesse Jackson says the halftime song at the College Football Championship game should be "We Shall Overcome". Trump says most of the benefits of the legislation are "going to working families, small businesses and family farmers".

"It was gratifying to hear the president talk about issues that are important to Illinois Farm Bureau - specifically, reducing regulations, including (Waters of the U.S.), investing in our country's infrastructure and making broadband more accessible", he said.

Roberts met with the president several times during the past year to discuss the Farm Bill and other issues facing farmers and ranchers.

Area Republicans were among those welcoming President Donald Trump to Tennessee on Monday. Bob Corker (R- Tenn.), Trump signed a pair of executive orders aimed at encouraging private companies to expand broadband access to rural communities by expediting the permitting process.

Mr. Boyd said, "I am proud that President Trump chose Tennessee to outline his vision for ending the opioid epidemic and expanding rural access to broadband".

She added the administration also seeks to implement the congressional directive of 2011 by standardizing forms and contracts for antenna siting on federal buildings.

The president then, based upon some of the task force recommendations, signed two executive orders at the event.

Here is the text of the Executive Order on Rural Broadband and the Memorandum on Rural Broadband to the Secretary of the Interior.

The economic issues he has outlined, including reform of our nation's tax and regulatory systems, match numerous issues on Farm Bureau's agenda.

Trump promised to work with Congress to pass a farm bill "that includes crop insurance - unless you don't want me to!" he said in a jocular tone.