Tragic Mudslides Follow California's Worst Fire

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Residents in some areas were subject to a new mandatory evacuation, emergency officials said, as the unstable environment remained a threat.

"It wasn't until I put my boots on and I went outside walking and I realized that everything wasn't indeed fine", she said.

DeGeneres tweeted the video of her remarks on Thursday. It doesn't take much rain to trigger this. That's my neighbour's house.

Tighe, whose charity provided breathing masks to residents during the fire, said he was outside his home around 3:30 a.m. checking downspouts when the rain intensified.

The cause of death for most of the victims will be listed as multiple traumatic injuries resulting from flash floods with mudslides, the Santa Barbara Sheriff's office said.

Members of the Ventura County Fire Department happened to be in the area, too, and Oprah gave them some camera time to update all of us on the status of their rescue mission. The affluent area is a draw for the wealthy and other stars such as actor Rob Lowe and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who have homes there as well.

DeGeneres posted a picture on Twitter of herself standing in mud next to a downed tree near her home.

"My sister was such a good person, she only thought of others to the point that she would cry with you when you were hurt or sick", said Ramos' sister, Jennifer Ramos. "I tried to get out every single way and there was no way out".

"It's total. There's mud inside all the way in". Two vehicles that were in his driveway were swept away, while car-sized boulders and building debris flowed into the street.

Ellen emotionally told the audience that on "Sunday night, Portia and I got a call that we're under mandatory evacuation again with most of the community of Montecito". "You hear the word mudslides and you have no idea the impact that it has". People who are in their homes waiting to be rescued, they don't know what's happening because there's no power, there's no water.

NATHAN ROTT, BYLINE: Rescue operations, including helicopter airlifts, began the day under blue skies in Santa Barbara County just a day after rain poured from gray skies at an unprecedented rate for the area according to the National Weather Service.

The catastrophe struck on Tuesday after heavy downpours drenched the area near Montecito, where vegetation that normally would have soaked up heavy rainfall had been stripped a month ago by the largest wildfire in California's recorded history.

Resident Thomas Tige and his family were forced to the roof of their home after opting not to heed a voluntary evacuation advisory issued for their neighborhood, the AP reported. She has been informed that she wouldn't have water or gas, but she still feels grateful.