Tonya Harding almost walks out of Piers Morgan interview

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"I said I'd be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me", Williams previously told USA Today.

In the NYT piece, Harding calls the movie "magnificent", with the writer adding "The reason she loves the movie is because it conveys something she doesn't feel was ever conveyed before".

Harding had initially denied having any knowledge of the attack.

"You weren't letting me finish", Harding argued. She replied, "Thank you so much". The moment that sums up the movie's approach, and the extraordinarily hard tone it somehow maintains, is Tonya's line: "Nancy gets hit one time", as the audience gasps, "and the whole world s-ts!" She was sentenced to three years of probation and fined $160,000.

- Littleblonde1 (@ElzMo3008)Piers Morgan telling Tonya Harding, a woman who was abused throughout her entire life, that she needs to stop being a victim is RICH. First, she hit the red carpet at the movie's Los Angeles premiere, then there was a joint interview with Margot Robbie for The Hollywood Reporter, followed by an ABC special airing this week.

In an exclusive interview with ELLE, the actress admits: 'When I got to NY for the first time, I took my first paycheck, walked straight into Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue, and bought an airplane charm that goes on my bracelet.

Tonya Harding almost walks out of Piers Morgan interview
Tonya Harding almost walks out of Piers Morgan interview

Harding was at the center of one of the most infamous incidents in Olympic history. She's asthmatic, her home life is chaotic, and without deep-pocket sponsors to provide glamorous outfits, she has to hand-sew her own. That removal meant that she could never compete in figure skating again, nor participate in the training of any other figure skater who aspired to the Association.

Not only is Margot a talented actress but she's also trying her hand at fire twirling.

Tonya Harding is passed by Nancy Kerrigan during their first practice session in 1994. I, Tonya is about a story like that.

Who is Tonya Harding? Footage of Harding's real skating plays over the end credits, and you can see the thrilling speed and power-and the hunchy, childish movements between the jumps. Then, with mock apology, "I disappointed them". Despite the two guns, the booze, and the blood on Harding's face, Gillooly wasn't arrested. Morgan asked, with Harding responding, "No I did not know anything prior".

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