This new craze for "raw water" will not end well

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I'm also a fan of raw honey's gritty sugar crystals.

People following the new trend of drinking untreated, unfiltered water - as a healthier alternative to the tap - could actually be exposing themselves to a number of contaminants. The reality, though, is one that could involve serious illnesses uncommon in modern America.

A freakish new trend has emerged in California's Silicon Valley, with people eager to buy large glass containers filled with unfiltered, unsterilised H0, billed as "raw water" by the company selling it for $36.99 (£27.21) for 2.5 gallons, and $14.99 for a refill. At present, the price is $36.99 for a 2.5 gallon jug.

A growing distrust of people on public water supply system has made them look for sources beyond the public network.

The problem? Drinking unfiltered, untreated water is probably incredibly unsafe to do.

We're only two days into the new year, 2018 already has an obnoxious "health" trend on the books: so-called "raw water". Experts warn that drinking raw water can lead to Cholera, Giardia, and many other fatal diseases caused by bacteria that naturally find shelter in ponds, rivers, and creeks. "It stays most fresh within one lunar cycle of delivery", he said of his own Live Water. Cases like the travesty in Flint, Michigan, are very real, and they bring with them very real health consequences.

Mukhande Singh, the founder of a raw water company called Live Water, explained his reasoning like this, "Tap water? People don't even realise that because all their water's dead, so they never see it turn green".

Water - where it comes from, how its treated and what it's bottled in - has always been the subject of heated debates.

There's a reason the government has Food and Drug Administration water regulations: filtration removes harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that may be in any water source.

"The earth constantly offers the purest substance on the planet as spring water". According to Fortune, the water turns green if not consumed within a month, so that's probably not an empty claim.

Yes, science found a way to prevent all manner of diseases in drinking water, including algae. "The springs that I will drink from have all been tested - and the closer you're drinking it to the source, the safer it is".

"When water isn't treated, it can contain chemicals and germs that can make us sick or cause disease outbreaks", he said.

As mentioned above, tap water isn't 100 percent safe either. "And I feel good drinking it".

In a recent New York Times piece about the raw water trend, Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic sums up the burgeoning movement nicely.