Theresa May to meet Donald Trump in Davos

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There, he spoke on "entrepreneurship and why culture matters". Hence, we (NDA) were forced to take economic and monetary reforms. Leaders expected to attend WEF include the French, German, Italian and USA presidents, the British and Indian Prime Ministers, and the head of the European Commission.

A number of protests are expected to be held on Tuesday in protest at Donald Trump's participation in Davos 2018.

"My government has only one agenda for Budget and that is development". In addition, while the European Union is struggling to retain the status quo on its home continent, the USA is ambitiously acting to change it everywhere across the world in order to "Make America Great Again", intriguingly setting the country up as a "revolutionary leader" of sorts though without any ideology other than its own interests. I witnessed it during the SAARC and G-20 meet.

"As South Africa's delegation to the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting is set to depart for Davos, Switzerland, Busa President Jabu Mabuza yesterday said South Africa should focus on, among others, fiscal discipline, regulatory and policy certainty as well as clear plans to reignite growth and create employment".

Already, there has been at least one major protest in response to news the the USA president would be attending this year's forum in Davos.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will also be in Davos, but officials in India have said no meeting is planned between him and Modi. Xi sought to make out a case against protectionism, saying that it was "locking oneself in the hope of protecting oneself from danger, but in doing so, cutting off all light and air".

Earlier this month Klaus Schwab the founder and Chairman of WEF described India as an image of optimism and promise.

Around this time of the year, presidents from poor countries forget their pressing obligations in their homelands to go out for a schmooze in mountainous Switzerland, leaving haters like us who have not cracked an invitation yet to grumble about Hoërskool Overvaal and share infuriating WhatsApp videos of red-necks hurling racist insults at black South Africans. At the WEF summit, Modi will deliver the keynote address at the plenary session on January 23.

The Global Risks Report published by the WEF last week showed that many see a heightened risk of political and economic confrontations between major powers this year.

Criticized in past years for not representing women, the WEF appointed seven female co-chairs this year, including Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM.