'The Submit' Screenwriters on Movie's Timeliness within the Trump Period

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After the New York Times publishes the first excerpts, Washington Post's editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) tries to get his investigative journalists to acquire the complete report. She is new at being in charge, but she is made of stronger stuff, and Streep slowly reveals the iron hand in the velvet glove.

Streep is better here than she was in her last Oscar victor, "The Iron Lady".

Meryl Streep: "Every single person has risk attached to the decision that they make, and that, more than anything, is what people will feel". She shows Graham's ambivalence and anxiousness.

"Once Henry Kissinger was there", said Marcil, who himself attended a couple of her dinner parties. As the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, isn't taken seriously by the men in the boardroom, and she knows it. "Kate throws a great party", sneers Arthur Parsons (Bradley Whitford) not quite out of earshot.

"The Post" is a historical but entertaining and inspiring account of the fearless decision by Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham in 1971 to publish the Pentagon Papers.

She learned Irish dancing during her time here, . but says she has since hung up her dancing shoes. Among their get-acquainted activities, the visiting publishers toured Jack Dalrymple's farm near Casselton. Few do heroism, small or big, better than Spielberg, and the fact that he fashions them here out of mere words (not headlines), in times such as ours, deserves acknowledgment.

Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox

When asked about her thoughts on Winfrey actually running for president in 2020, the actress wasn't opposed. "I hope we give good service".

Graham takes over after her husband's suicide in a bid to keep the newspaper within the family and is nearly continuously justifying her position to her detractors who feel she is not the right one for the job.

For those who aren't of an age to remember, the Pentagon Papers were the result of an academic study commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on the Vietnam War through the years. Among the biggest revelations: US leaders knew that the war in Vietnam was unwinnable but kept sending troops to Southeast Asia, to kill and be killed. Even Richard Milhouse Nixon gets raves as the evil Wizard who thinks he can rule the Emerald City, and this country, anyway he deems fit.

Graham, who died in 2001, abruptly became publisher after her husband, Philip Graham, a South Dakota native, died by suicide in 1963. "Her empowering comments prompted bloggers to adopt the hashtag, "#Oprah2020", encouraging her to run for U.S. President in 2020 and challenge current leader Donald Trump, but backstage at the Globes, Oprah told Bloomberg News she had no plans to enter the political arena. Meeting with lawyers, she grows in confidence until Bradlee makes the call and the race is on. "He wanted to be the center of all activity whenever he was in a room". We are saddled with a president who regularly distorts the truth while attacking the news media, mocking reporters, claiming that newspapers and CNN are full of "fake news".

Marcil was to learn firsthand the influence Graham had through her connections. The Nixon administration sought an injunction against the publication of the Pentagon Papers as a threat to national security, yet as the title of The Post suggests, the focus here isn't on the Times, but on the Washington paper dealing with complex issues at the same time.