Steve Bannon to be interviewed by House committee on Russian Federation probe

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Outshining your master is the singularly risky thing to do in power politics, Stephen K. Bannon, a history buff, should have known.

Since Mr. Trump has always emerged the victor from his previous broken marriages, there was never any doubt who would end out on top once his bromance with Mr. Bannon turned sour.

Bannon has tried to make amends.

What is the Trump link?

Bannon was working as Trump's chief strategist when the president fired FBI Director James ComeyJames Brien ComeyTrump: Dershowitz interview on "witch hunt" a "must watch" Comey after Trump tweet: FBI is honest, strong, independent Former ethics director: Trump's tweet on Flynn would have ended past administrations MORE a year ago.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his administration will examine whether U.S. libel laws can be strengthened after a new book questioned his mental fitness to serve as president.

Mr Trump accused Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein of being "underhanded and a disgrace" for disclosing details of a dossier of allegations about his ties to Russian Federation during the campaign.

The session will reportedly focus on Bannon's involvement during the campaign period.

However, before the loss in Alabama and his indelible contributions to Fire and Fury, a rift was already growing between Bannon and his major allies within the Republican establishment such as hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

What about his White House stint? White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says the president is "committed to the rule of law and will work with members of both parties to reach a permanent solution that corrects the unconstitutional actions taken by the last administration". When promoting the book on its digital page as the number one bestseller of the moment, e-commerce company Amazon says that it is an approach to the first nine months of Trump in the power, which qualifies as stormy, scandalous and absolutely hypnotical. Breitbart's readers seemed to side with Trump in the spat.

WOLFF: Okay, I think that we should point out that someone in the White House is obviously giving you emails that I sent, which is perfectly fine, but the White House has been on a concerted attack on me since this book came out. Mr. Bannon and Mr. Kushner had famously bonded during the campaign.

"I've spent around three hours with the president, over the course of the campaign and in the White House". He returned to his earlier job and original passion - as head of Breitbart, warring against the Republican establishment.