South Korea floats summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un

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But critics cautioned against reading too much into North Korea's moves because tensions could flare again quickly as the North still openly seeks to expand its weapons arsenal. On the other hand, the USA declined uphold that demand.

If the North agrees, one of the top agenda items will be whether the two Koreas' sportspeople make joint entrances to the opening and closing ceremonies, as they did for Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and the 2006 Winter Games in Turin.

"The North Korean economy is the size of Vermont", Kazianis said.

The prospect of military confrontation has been magnified in the past year as Trump and Kim have traded bellicose rhetoric and crude insults, as the North has conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear detonation and three tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles that now put the USA mainland in North Korea's range.

Security experts say North Korea could use the games to gather intelligence by placing double-agents into crowded events. Although I see value in North Korea participating in the Olympics, our past dealings with them tell me that it should not be on their terms only. "If North Korea engages in provocations again or does not show sincerity in resolving this issue, the global community will continue applying strong pressure and sanctions".

Arriving in only Western-style business suits despite sub-zero weather and snow piled on the ground, the head of the North Korean delegation referenced the increased tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

"This initial round of talks is for the improvement of relations between North and South Korea", he said. In short, let's not forget who we're dealing with.

Regarding employment and the minimum wage hike that went into effect this year, the president said measures to aid small business owners struggling with the wage increase will be implemented without fail.

Also, North Korea re-opened the suspended inter-Korean communication hotline with South Korea, after it was closed down in February 2016.

Trump's tweet about the US" nuclear arsenal has now received over 485,000 "Likes' and more than 190,000 retweets. Moon also conveyed the satisfaction expressed by the United States administration of President Donald Trump at the resumption of talks between Seoul and Pyongyang. It may take years to achieve this objective.

Despite his overtures to Pyongyang, Moon stressed that the South will not deviate from its position that the peninsula must be nuclear-free.

"I think we're going to have a long period of peace". South Korea, in contrast, is already within striking distance of the North's massive conventional, nuclear and suspected chemical and biological arsenal. The views are the author's and not any government department or agency.