President Trump celebrates tax win

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The Republican Party has "consistently and rightly advanced policies to support the essential role of families in America", and "singling out Salvadoran families for separation is simply a bad idea that should be dropped", Bush and Kasich write, quoting former President Ronald Reagan.

Republicans are also counting on the new tax law to bolster their election prospects by putting more money in the hands of workers at the start of the year.

There was no hint of anxiety at the White House, though, as the president and congressional Republicans pushed any qualms aside and reveled in a much-needed win at the end of a year marked by GOP infighting and political stumbles. "We think Latinos will turn out in higher numbers than ever in that district because of the health care votes", said Andrew Godinich, the DCCC's regional press secretary. Todd Akin tried to argue that you can't get pregnant after sexual assault, so there was no reason to have rape exceptions in abortion bills.

For his part, Trump has put an infrastructure bill on his wish list for this year.

The dust may be settling now, but make no mistake, the Republican tax bill passed in Congress this month represents a brazen attack on CT. "People are much better off now not to mention ISIS, VA, Judges, Strong Border, 2nd A, Tax Cuts & more?" the president tweeted. Over the next 10 years this tax overhaul will add another $1.4 trillion to that debt.

Donald Trump has not failed to his Sunday habits, with a new string of tweets in which he has celebrated his first year in the White House, taking full advantage of his political achievements and marking the way for 2018.

Of course, perhaps the "troubling implication" should be that parties should not attempt to implement sweeping social policy changes affecting 15 percent of the economy on a partisan party line vote, and ignore the history of major social policy changes like Social Security and Medicare and welfare reform that were passed on a bipartisan basis.

The amusing thing about compromise is that we are required to do it in every facet of our daily lives.

So far, the public is not sold.

"We have the wind at our back", said state Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini, who points to 2017 Democratic victories in Virginia and New Jersey, Democrat Doug Jones' win over Republican Roy Moore in a special U.S. Senate election in Alabama and Tennessee Democrats' narrow miss in a special state Senate election in Middle Tennessee. This plan disturbs the contentment Americans were starting to feel.

Ford, an independent voter, said Trump "seems overwhelmed by the task". In recent weeks, Trump has reportedly signaled that he would like to do both-a relatively unrealistic goal considering a rumored staff exodus, and one that would see the president torn between warring interests of Republican leadership: House Speaker Paul Ryan has indicated that he plans to reform entitlement programs to offset tax cuts, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he's "not interested" in the issue, likely due to the G.O.P.'s majority of 51 to 49 in the upper chamber. But Democrats have more leverage when Republicans aren't unified on what they want, pointed out Molly Reynolds, a congressional analyst with the Brookings Institution.

As a deficit hawk, I can not understand how Republicans cheer this concept of cutting taxes and paying for it with borrowed money. That includes millions still covered by expanded Medicaid. He claimed that erasing the Obamacare individual mandate amounted to repeal of the entire program, and he may well prove to be right.

Republicans may be in "control" of all three branches of government on paper but in reality without Democrat votes in the Senate no bills of effect are getting passed and to the President's desk. Democrats questioned, even mocked that prediction.

A constructive course could reflect numerous priorities McConnell identified. Their constituents can subtract their federal income taxes from their state income taxes.

All but one of the GOP no votes came from like-minded Republicans facing re-election in 11 months in moderate districts across New Jersey, New York and California.

Even if we buy the Democrats' arguments that the precursors for a wave election are in fact forming, the road to converting the House majority remains hard to master for several reasons.