Oprah Winfrey Would 'Absolutely' Run For President According To Stedman Graham

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Social media lit up about a presidential run after Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globes awards show on Sunday night promoting the "Time's Up" movement against s*xual harassment and assault.

The media mogul was heavily criticised in 2006 for endorsing New Age self-help book The Secret, which explores "energy fields" and "vibrations" and claims visualisation can enable you to achieve anything you desire. "A lot of what she was saying just wasn't getting through".

"Oprah", Meyers said, to Winfrey sitting right up to the stage.

Now, here's the thing: None of the above means Winfrey is running for president.

Maybe by then we would see an all-California campaign for the presidency: Oprah Winfrey (the incumbent) vs. "The Rock". Trump had plenty of executive experience in the private sector, but no demonstrable experience in any of the usual categories otherwise.

Trump must be quaking in his boots. And Oprah is not crazy. Constitutionally speaking, tens of millions of Americans meet the basic qualifications, Winfrey included. Could the former talk show host be considering a run for the White House? "I cannot", Kristol said. "Oprah will be lots of fun", Trump told reporters during a meeting with bipartisan lawmakers on immigration on Tuesday, 9 January.

There is a popular theory that opposition to Donald Trump among left-leaning "elites" is less about his policies or his abilities or his actual decision-making in office and is really a matter of taste and style.

Trump also has acknowledged the potential for Winfrey to be a force in the political arena. In 2006, "The Boondocks" ran an episode that features a future where Oprah is president - in exactly 2020.

"Would you consider a woman for your running mate, and if so, who?"

Meghan McCain, perhaps unsurprisingly, was negative on an Oprah presidential run. Should Democrats go ahead and elect a celebrity after spending the better part of two years decrying an unqualified celebrity like Trump?

Winfrey's longtime best friend, CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King, said Tuesday that the billionaire media tycoon is not actively considering running. These tend to be make bold statements but don't bite much. Clinton lost to little known Barack Obama back in 2008, only to come back and fall in defeat once again to businessman Donald Trump eight years later. "That's how he interpreted the question". Winfrey's appearance ended up taking nine minutes because of the applause, King added.

But it's not just her status as actor and television star that makes Oprah's possible bid for the job a questionable plan, nor her association with the disgraced Harvey Weinstein. Meryl Streep got so carried away she told The Hill, "Now she doesn't have a choice" but to run. "I don't know if (Oprah's) likely, but she's certainly plausible". Harris does not yet have a distinctive political identity to match her obvious ambition.