Nick Saban On The Future Of Alabama's Quarterback Position

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Since head coach Nick Saban took over in 2009, he has had 25 players leave the program early for the draft. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if he won three championships in a row with Tua Tagovailoa. "No disrespect to Jalen". "But I can't tell you or them how much we appreciate the contributions they've made".

Be honest, how many of you thought Alabama was about to win the National Championship Game on the play that it actually did?

The win gave Alabama its 17th national championship. Now it was LSU's undoing when Saban last went to Vienna now and that frightful experience with the Miami Dolphins. But he's got a dynasty right now and another dynamite recruiting class.

Though Saban may be up for the challenge of moving to the National Football League, he is also set for plenty more success at Alabama. Maybe Siri is looking ahead to Alabama's season-opener next season. After the kickoff, Fitzpatrick was back out on the field and helped force a Georgia three-and-out.

Time and time again, Fromm found ways to get his team out of trouble.

The funniest of all however was the different pronunciations we heard from post-game commentators regarding Bama freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

"I was going to the bathroom", the star defensive back said on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning.

"I've always just looked at the next challenge... and I really enjoy what I'm doing". "Man, he came in when his number was called and he answered".

While it's obvious to assume that Tagovailoa will be the starter next season, that doesn't mean Hurts wasn't instrumental to getting the Tide to back-to-back national title appearances.

Scarbrough leaves Alabama with 20 rushing touchdowns and 1,512 career yards.

The Tide remained determined and steadily began erasing the deficit. "It was to the left side of our tent and the Georgia side was to the right side of our tent", Fitzpatrick explained.

It seemed that the injuries, along with the mass exodus of talent that Alabama annually has, had finally caught up to them. But the freshman couldn't move the ball and the Bulldogs were forced to punt. "Love you 2", Tagovailoa tweeted. "Time went by very quickly".

Monday's 26-23 overtime victory over Georgia may have changed the landscape for next season. In the day apple yeah there are other writers in NY end in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere.

"I think it was a pretty clear decision with my family and my coaches", Fitzpatrick said.