Mueller to interview Trump as part of Russian Federation probe

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It looks like special counsel Robert Mueller wants to have a talk with Donald Trump about Russian Federation. "He and his actions are the primary focus of Mueller's investigation".

There was no immediate comment from the White House on the subject.

Special counsel Robert Mueller may have another avenue to explore as his team tries to untangle potential evidence of obstruction in connection with the probe of Russian election meddling.

Mueller has also been examining a false statement the president dictated on Air Force One in July in response to an article in the Times about a meeting Trump campaign officials had with Russians during the campaign.

Like other presidential scandals, top staff members are involved.

The Sessions recusal has been a sore spot for Trump, with the president publicly deriding the decision and lamenting his selection of the former Alabama senator as his attorney general. Kushner was also present during the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., recently indicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Russians believed to be intermediaries for the Kremlin.

But Mueller may be able to get additional information without Trump as former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is cooperating, as part of a plea deal, with his investigation. Trump's been calling this a witch hunt from day one.

Now, Mueller's team wants to know more about the first daughter's communication with attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya and lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin. Flynn and Papadopoulos committed felonies rather than tell the truth under penalty of perjury. He and business partner who also worked with him on the Trump campaign, Rick Gates, have been charged with a dozen financial and lobbying crimes.

"It just doesn't count, as long as it's not a corrupt bargain", Starr said, explaining that if Trump was just acting in order to defend himself, that doesn't reach the level of corruption of, for example, "being bribed or otherwise being compromised".

But Justice Department veterans were skeptical that Mueller, who headed the Federal Bureau of Investigation director for 12 years, would agree to anything but a formal sit-down with the president.

Trump has denied asking Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn, who was one of the Trump aides who was indicted at the end of a year ago.

Truth be told, little is likely to shake Trump's most loyal supporters.

"They do think that if the investigation goes near his finances, he's sunk", added Wolff, who has been lambasted by the president for writing what Trump has dubbed a "fake" book about life in the White House.