Jon Gruden confirms he will call plays for Raiders

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On Tuesday, the Raiders met those high expectations. "Now I get them from Mark Davis at 3 a.m., but I want to thank you for this opportunity from the bottom of my heart". Jon Gruden. For fans that remember his original tenure there had to have been some nostalgia.

The Oakland Raiders officially announced the hiring of Jon Gruden as their next coach Saturday night, The East Bay Times reported. "I feel there's unfinished business".

"Raider Nation, this is a big f-ing deal", the owner gleefully bellowed. Woodson asked as the crowd erupted in laughter.

Oakland Athletics Manager Bob Melvin was in attendance.

"There's a real trick when you become head coach".

"It lifts everybody's spirits", Melvin said.

It is true that Gruden will not finish his career as an *Oakland* Raider, given that the team will spend only the next two seasons in the East Bay.

Davis said he had no intention of trying to be his father and conceded "I know what I don't know". Not necessarily coming to coach.

He was prepared to retain Jack Del Rio another year, albeit with some staff renovations, after a disastrous 6-10 campaign. "Number one, I love football".

The challenge will be far greater than the coaches who precede him.

Either way, the Raiders aren't inclined to care; Davis wanted Gruden, and Davis wasn't going to fire Del Rio until Davis knew he could get Gruden. Yes, he plans on calling the plays.

From Olson's perspective, it would be easy to understand his interest in taking the offensive coordinator position with a team like the Raiders since that would be an upgrade from his current position with the Rams. As well, 21 years ago the Raiders appointed the NFL's first female team CEO (Amy Trask).

The Raiders spared no expense in bringing the former head coach back in style. He made it clear, however, that Raiders players will be forced to make a "his way or the highway" decision as the intense 54-year-old OH native takes the reins.

"We're not always going to agree. So I'm looking forward to talking with him".

Gruden admitted much has changed since he last coached: The game is faster, the millennial players are a new breed, practice schedules are completely different since the 2011 CBA went into effect, etc.

"The timing is right". This time around we are getting a wiser Gruden. He's been offered coaching gigs throughout his broadcasting career, only to turn them all down.

There is somehow a misconception that the 26-year-old quarterback can't take hard coaching. Initial reports are often inflated, both in terms of years and actual dollars, but it's clear Gruden hit the lottery. I am not a real deep, philosophical person.

"Obviously Derek got hurt early in the season", Gruden said. "We have to be more consistent, we have to stop making the little mistakes".

"I love the city of Oakland", Gruden said. "This is the organization that I want to be a part of, and I'm all in". Apparently, they were never Davis' first choice. He was 106-62 as head coach of the Chicago Bears from 1982 to 1992 and, after a four-year hiatus, 15-33 as head coach with the New Orleans Saints from 1997 to 1999. I haven't won a game since 2008 - I haven't lost any either. Under Gruden the Raiders did have their best years yet it was short lived.

Raiders owner Mark Davis began Jon Gruden's introductory press conference with a proclamation.