Iran accuses Saudi, US, UK of sponsoring anti-govt protests

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The sudden spread of these riots has led to the speculation that they are instigated by extraterritorial enemies such as the Saudi-Israeli-US alliance. And it's unclear how this is happening from town to town except through social media. It continued, "Maryam Rajavi is hoping for regime change", saying the protests are "definitely organized", and "the security forces report that the MEK is very active and is leading and directing them". From exile in Paris, the Ayatollah Khomeini called for the blood of the martyrs to water the tree of Islam.

It is time, ladies and gentleman, for Jeremy Corbyn to step up - in turn, he can prompt the Prime Minister and the EU to stand up for what Iran now needs: freedom of speech.

It took another decade for this sentiment to gestate before it took political shape in the wave that carried President Mohammed Khatami to power in 1997.

By New Year, 40 years ago, revolutionary ferment was beginning in Iran. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Christendom lost control of the lands of its origin, including the reconquered Crusader states of the Levant (one of which still survives, barely, as Lebanon), and the battle line between Europe and Islam was drawn from Gibraltar to the Balkans - the beginning of a long, uneasy truce that lasted until Sept. 11, 2001. This time, you don't see that kind of leadership emerge. But I need the government listen to us.

Four people were killed in the recent unrest in Doroud city in the western Lorestan Province of Iran, semi-official ISNA news agency reported on Monday.

MARTIN: An Iranian journalist, who spoke with the protester, asked her, why take the risk when Iran's security forces are so powerful?

MARTIN: And throughout the protests in Iran, President Trump has tweeted support for the protesters and disparaged the Iranian government. Or, will the political and clerical elites be blinded by their rhetoric that is doing little for the youth of Iran? This is seen sacred connection with the terrorist attacks that were committed in June in Tehran. But just a day from a purely economic plane protests escalated into political and even religious. Most galling of all has been the obsequious statements of solidarity by political opportunists and their overseas allies, the same politicians who would deny refuge to the Iranian asylum seeker and ailing grandmother alike.