'I spoke to Trump on the record,' insists author

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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, written by journalist Michael Wolff, was due to be released on Tuesday, 9 January, but due to "unprecedented demand" caused by the publication of extracts from the book in The Guardian and New York Magazine amongst other outlets, led to its early release on Friday morning.

In addition, Wolff says in the book that the president's relationship with his youngest son, Barron, 11, is distant, claiming "an absentee father for his first four children, Trump was even more absent for his fifth, Barron". The report says the president exploded in front of aides, saying he needed his attorney general to protect him.

Both of these things can't be true.

But he is not capable. The Wall Street Journal reported that the owners of the publication were debating Bannon's future on Wednesday.

It could go down as the greatest unintentional marketing campaign in history. Joseph McCarthy during the Red Scare and his witch hunt for potential communists.

Grimm responded to Proud with a sharp criticism of Donovan.

Wolff also reports a conversation between the president-elect and Rupert Murdoch about immigration policy that allegedly led the media mogul to label Trump "a fucking idiot". Eric Holder has been criticized by many, including myself, for a very political tenure at the Justice Department. "You take an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution and to do what is right and to follow the law".

The feud also sparked the president's creativity, leading him to coming up with his most inspired nickname in months, to the delight of many.

If you watch the Trump White House through the lens of cable TV, it seems like the vice president is a near-constant companion to Trump.

U.S. President Donald Trump has launched a fresh broadside at his former ally and now-nemesis Steve Bannon, accusing him of crying and begging for his job after he was fired from his position as White House Chief Strategist.

Trump dropped Bannon from the White House in August, although the two men remained in touch afterward. The president, Trump Jr., and Kushner are all potential targets of the criminal probe. "This is a man who is unfit on every level to be president".

Wolff added that he had spoken to people who spoke to Mr Trump on a daily, "sometimes minute-by-minute" basis.

'Fire and Fury' is on reserve at the Springfield Barnes and Noble. And when Trump addressed reporters later, the Ivy League graduate was ready for the question. That is not particularly compelling. I have recordings, I have notes.

Second: Who are these people that Trump is regularly reaching out to? "I'm here for the party". Trump cited his career in business and reality television and his victory in last year's election as evidence of his mental prowess. Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, said Trump had associated his presidency with causes rooted in bigotry and racism.