How Google Will Attempt to Outshine Amazon Alexa at CES 2018

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Other manufacturers announced their own smart speaker products running the Google Assistant, or at least plans to adopt it.

While third-parties are increasingly adopting the Assistant in new products, many are also integrating Amazon's.

Google, which has not traditionally had a big presence at CES, was out in a big way as it plastered Las Vegas with its ads in a bid to show that Google Assistant is indeed everywhere. While the company did not launch any major new products, the company did announce its intention to jump onto the smart speakers and voice assistant bandwagon. We like free stuff. That seems to be more important to Google than its Google Home speakers, whose hardware is essentially just a case wrapping the assisting technology.

Google's software is a work in progress-devices using it won't ship until later this year-but it gave me the impression that the company is ready to take on touchscreen devices powered by Amazon's Alexa assistant, such as the Echo Show and Echo Spot. The company plastered the "Hey Google" command to launch its digital assistant all over Las Vegas. The company has further wrote in a blog post that, they will introduce the Google Assistant with companies like JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony.

GOOGL stock hit all-time highs this month, but to keep the momentum, the company needs to overcome the Alexa problem.

On the back end, Google is making it easier to discover all the things that Google Assistant can do. CES 2018 is different, and Google's presence is quite hard not to notice, as they enter to tech convention with an abundance of new, exciting developments in their smart technology systems. Both screens are HD: the smaller one has a 1,200 x 800 resolution, while the larger model has a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 display.

The Assistant is Google's digital helper, which is at the heart of all of its products. The Smart Display does not come with 4G LTE cellular network and it also does not have its own web browser. Google just recently blocked YouTube from the Amazon Alexa-powered Echo Show, meaning the YouTube feature is incredibly valuable to setting this product apart from other similar ones. It offers a customisable night light, plays music and answers "Hey, Google" questions, and also links to other Onelink devices in the home to sound a wholehouse alarm in the event of an emergency.

While last year's push was to get Google's smart speaker lineup up to speed, this year's focus will be on the smart display. We have a feeling more OEMs will follow.