Head-shaking moment: Mayweather's ignorant response to #MeToo movement

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"He insulted me saying I couldn't make the weight, that I wasn't worthy of a 125-pound title shot and he knows that I was", Dillashaw said.

Oh, there's one-Men's Health!

Mayweather was asked about the movement during an interview with Men's Health, and his response was jaw-droppingly ignorant.

"What the interviewer should have said to Floyd is, 'Well, you know, Floyd, along with your Rolls Royce, your private jet, your billion dollars, you can also say, accused of assaulting multiple women.me too!'"

Floyd: When you say "me too" ... Mayweather added the following text in his tweet, "I already fucked you up in 2017, now they about to fuck you up in 2018. I got two. Me too, '" he said. "He can says what he wants but I have his belt at home".

"When you say "me too" ..."

Yeah, that's a bad look right there. For Mayweather, it meant the ability to settle a tax debt, allowing him to slink back to his life of unchecked opulence without being hassled by the IRS. We've captured some of the chatter below and on the following pages. Having the conversation with Mayweather is especially loaded due to his many domestic violence allegations.

Amongst the more frivolous questions was something more serious: sexual harassment. If it isn't about money or Floyd Mayweather, then he doesn't care. "Though it was a struggle and I think he was still clueless of what the #MeToo movement actually is, Mayweather was eventually able to say that sexual harassment "[isn't] cool at all". White made a counteroffer of $25 million each to Mayweather and McGregor, plus a percentage of the pay-per-view revenue.

Mayweather's Boxing + Fitness Virtual Reality experience is a 12-week long program that increases in difficulty as you progress towards your goals.

As we know, Trump was nevertheless elected president, and one of his Trump Tower callers was Mayweather. "You know how many people identify with that?"