Governor Cuomo will detail 2018 agenda in State of the State Address

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"In 2018, as part of our $6.6 billion LIRR transformation plan, we will complete the double track on the Ronkonkoma line 16 months ahead of schedule", Cuomo said. "We have to can't be one of these things where we're trying to do everything".

"The argument that the governor is making is that because NY and California were losers in the last presidential election, our states are paying for it with the new tax bill", Schantz said.

Some speculate Cuomo will seek the presidency in 2020, but the democratic governor says he's exclusively focused on the needs of New Yorkers.

Cuomo then touched on his plan to change the state's tax code by restructuring income and payroll taxes and benefits for charitable contributions that support public programs. Governor Cuomo will propose legislation to prevent public dollars from being used to settle sexual harassment claims against individuals, void forced arbitration policies in employee contracts, and mandate that any companies that do business with the state disclose the number of sexual harassment adjudications and nondisclosure agreements they have executed. "This year will we start by continuing the REDCs and also bring cashless tolling to the New York State thruway system". Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is among those who will be in attendance.

"New York is taking bold action to fight climate change and protect our environment, while supporting and growing 21st century jobs in these cutting-edge renewable industries", Cuomo said.

Cuomo also plans to sue drug manufacturers for their role in causing the opioid addiction crisis.

Amanda West, executive director of the Council for Prevention, said she hoped that any money obtained be directed to substance abuse prevention in the schools.

"They pumped these pills into society and they created addictions", Cuomo said.

"Basically, I was disappointed that it was a discussion of more-of-the-same failed policies that got us into this situation in the first place", Tedisco said of Cuomo's speech. Finally, the Governor calls on the Fund to dedicate a meaningful portion of the Fund's portfolio to investments that directly promote clean energy-which makes economic and environmental sense.

Whatever the outcome of this year's budget negotiations, some observers remain skeptical that Cuomo is truly committed to a labor-backed education agenda centered on increased spending.

Each day, he publicly released new items, from proposals to boost the state's revenge pornography penalties and sexual-harassment laws, to plans to invest $34 million in Stewart Airport in Orange County and build a new 18,000-seat arena for the New York Islanders on Long Island.

"I'll also be working with my colleagues, Empire State Development and the Governor's Office to encourage expanding the availability of broadband and wireless communication", Little said. Another proposal would allow voters to cast a ballot up to 12 days before election day.

Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D-Cicero) says the program will keep people in work, which helps all New Yorkers. Cuomo cited recent accomplishments such as a higher minimum wage, free college tuition and paid family leave as an alternative to the policies emerging on the national level.