Gov. Rick Scott proclaims Knights as "national champions"

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On Sunday, UCF celebrated with a parade at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

The primary concern going into the Peach Bowl was whether or not UCF's defense was up to the challenge of an SEC offense.

"Do we think that they could do it for nine or 10 weeks in the SEC or the Big 12 or the Big Ten?" He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Campus Sports. I wish both teams good luck tonight in Atlanta. At this point, who wouldn't want to see that matchup happen?

"If the final eight were playing this year, the competing teams would be: Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Auburn and Southern California". The current playoff system has four semifinal teams selected by a 13-member committee. White has remained in favor of expansion to eight teams, an idea conference commissioners remain against.

Frost previously said it was "unfair" his team didn't qualify for the playoff.

Of course, Alabama has bigger concerns at the moment.

"I don't take anything away from a special season", Sankey said. White also announced a national championship banner will hang inside Spectrum Stadium and coaches will be paid national championship bonuses.

The University of Central Florida football team has been trying to stake its claim to a national championship in football since New Year's Day.

A National Champions Hoopla event will be held Tuesday night during the UCF vs. Cincinnati basketball game at CFE Arena.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

And what is the history of college football without alternative facts? From 1968-71, the MAC champion played the winner of the Southern Conference in the Tangerine Bowl - now the Citrus Bowl - meaning its bowl opponents during the streak were Davidson (7-4), William & Mary (5-7), and Richmond (5-6). "He's as fast and explosive a linebacker as we have".

Frost added: "To me, this year more than any other year watching those rankings come out, seemed like opinions". Interim head coach Troy Walters said the team will lift weights and run on Wednesday and Thursday.