Gov. Cuomo delivers State of the State address in Albany

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The Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, announced a raft of new proposals yesterday to invest in renewable energy and tackle climate change.

The Democrat says he'll seek $175 million from the Legislature to create an Office of Workforce Development to coordinate the dozens of workforce training programs now handled by various state agencies. "If we do not fix this problem, it is a question of the State of New York's economic viability long term".

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his eighth State of the State speech, told lawmakers that 2018 will be the "most challenging" year, and he said they will have to fight against what he said are "threats" from the federal government.

"Overhauling our tax code should include a thorough examination of our existing unsustainable spending, not imposing a potentially complicated payroll tax on employers", said Mike Durant, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Reports further state that, in a bid to address the intermittency of wind and solar power, Cuomo plans to deploy 1500 megawatt of energy storage by the year 2025.

The state's planning comes as the federal government, under President Donald J. Trump, seeks to put new emphasis on established energy sources like nuclear, natural gas and coal, while states like NY and California push for cleaner energy sources.

However, I believe that Governor Cuomo's assessment of the state of our state was flawed in several ways. He said he will sue Washington over its new tax plan.

These red states, especially states such as Alabama and Louisiana, already receive more in federal aid than they pay in federal taxes, according to the Huffington Post.

The landmark move would ensure the New York State Common Retirement Fund - which with $200bn in assets under management is the third largest in the USA - would cease all new investment in significant fossil fuel-related activities.

And most importantly for states, it could allow them to maintain their level of tax revenue and avoid residents leaving for lower-tax states.

"The New York State AFL-CIO has added the important issue of addressing sexual harassment in the workplace to our legislative agenda and I am very pleased Senate Democrats are also committed to making this a priority issue this session", said Cilento in a statement.

But Groden said he wants the governor to address unfunded mandates the state places on local municipalities - for example, social services programs such as Medicaid expenses.

State Sen. Betty Little, R-Queensbury, said in a statement that she supports numerous initiatives Cuomo is taking - including plans to simplify voting and address algal blooms in drinking water - while raising some concern over a gap in the state budget and a concurrent expected drop in revenue in 2018.

"Clearly, raising taxes isn't the answer", Little said. I always like to hear that we are going to address education, fund it more, because we need that for our schools here in the North Country. Details won't be released until he unveils his state budget proposal later this month.