GOP lawmaker proposes bill to grant residency for Salvadoran immigrants

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In the summer of 2017, a similar situation in the USA prompted an increase in Haitian migrants crossing the Canadian border. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was created by Congress in 1990, and allows foreign citizens to remain and work legally in the USA if they are unable to return home due to armed conflicts, natural disasters, or other "extraordinary and temporary circumstances". His sisters are each raising three USA citizen children who have never lived in El Salvador, precisely because their family has sought to shield them from the epidemic violence that has plagued the country.

In a span of 30 days in 2001, El Salvador endured two devastating earthquakes, the first a magnitude 7.7 followed by a magnitude 6.6. During that decade, Washington helped fuel the country's civil war by providing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, and various forms of assistance to its brutal military. How is that in the United States' interest? My uncle has been here under TPS for more than 10 years. "And the fact is, that it is nearly unfair to those individuals to continue to extend it again and again because those individuals begin to put down roots in the United States-they have children, some buy homes, they open businesses, and things like that".

In the same way, the assistant of the Minister of Immigration, Hursh Jaswal, assured that immigrants who need protection would be allowed to stay, while the others will be "removed" from the country. In elementary school, her daughter is already thinking about what it will be like to live in a place like El Salvador with high poverty and high rates of crime.

Apparently, the new immigration measures of the White House are a headache for its neighboring country, Canada.

Poorly funded and poorly equipped, El Salvador's police forces are outgunned and outspent by powerful street gangs that collaborate with Mexico's drug cartels to move narcotics from South America to the United States.

About 39,000 people have returned to El Salvador since 2015, federal officials said Monday.

"It's reasonable to think many will come to Canada", said Clarke. Deporting tens of thousands of Salvadorans, and, in the process, depriving their country of the remittances they send home, will only deepen that country's unfolding disaster.

During a bipartisan meeting on immigration Thursday, President Donald Trump criticized protections the USA gives to immigrants from various underdeveloped countries, including Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries. Some 88 percent of all TPS cardholders, who must pay $500-$700 every six months to renew their "blue cards", work, with one-third of them in construction.

These immigrants also contributed significantly to the US economy.

Trump's eviction of the Salvadorans "is consistent with the pattern set by the administration over the a year ago", Sáenz said.

The end of TPS is also going to separate families.

Salvadoran asylum seekers fleeing to Canada from the United States may have a legitimate claim, according to the vice-president of the Salvadoran Canadian Association. The program enables migrants and refugees from countries including El Salvador and Haiti to reside and work legally in the United States on humanitarian grounds in the wake of social and environmental disasters.