Google, Lenovo unveil standalone Daydream VR headset

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Virtual Reality is no longer in its nascent stages. This one is dubbed the VR180, and it basically puts half-sphere recording into the palm of your hand.

The Mirage Solo will be available for under $400 in Q2 2018, Lenovo says.

However, Lenovo isn't stopping at the headset. From 360- to 180-degrees, VR videos will be easier to capture and make.

Of course, Lenovo has also included Google's Daydream remote, a necessary accessory for interaction within games and apps. Along the back, you have the large knob, which allows you to adjust the diameter of the headband. Marketers will want to keep an eye on how popular VR experiences become and judge for themselves when it's time to jump into the new format.

Look ma, no phone or wires!

Aside from the Snapdragon 835, specs include 4GB RAM and 64GB UFS, expandable by up to 256GB. It contains dual 13MP f/2.1 cameras that can record videos at up to a 4K resolution at 30fps. Fully compatible with a range of Daydream peripherals like the controller, steering wheel and bats, you can engage on a wide variety of adventures. That meant when I was watching a video of a child's birthday party, details were sharp enough that I could see little wisps of hair framing the birthday girl's face as she blew out her candles. After putting on the headset, this LED gets magically extended with that signature glowing blade. That means you'll get access to services like Netflix (NFLX) VR, YouTube VR, Hulu, HBO GO VR and a number of other VR games and experiences.

LAS VEGAS-Lenovo's Mirage Solo is the first standalone Daydream View headset we've seen, and it's a huge leap forward for Google's VR system.

This combination is similar to Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which also rely on outward-facing cameras to track headset position. VR180 cameras capture photos and video in 3D, but can be viewed and shared in either 2D or 3D. The camera also features instant in-device stitching and supports live streaming so creators and fans can be together in real time.

Both cameras are designed to essentially be point-and-shoot devices and, from my brief time with both of them, they look very much alike. Many analysts expect the market for augmented reality devices - which overlay digital images on the physical world - to eventually outpace VR.

Both forms of tracking eliminate the need for the kind of clunky sensors and cameras used by the likes of the Rift, Vive and Sony's (SNE) Playstation VR headsets. It projected that only a meager two per cent of the U.S. population would have adopted smartphone-based VR by this year, and about one per cent would have adopted more dedicated high-end VR headsets.

The Smart Display comes in two sizes, 8-inch and 10-inch.