Gas prices rise 2 cents a gallon to $2.53 in Rhode Island

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Average retail gasoline prices in CT have risen 3.5 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.68/g yesterday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 1,540 gas outlets in CT. "We estimate pump prices will therefore rise an average of 5 cents a litre across the country".

As of noon Sunday, Indiana had the 11th-highest average gas price in the nation at $2.58 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. Historically, Guam's gasoline companies have matched each others' prices within a day of any increase or decrease. California drivers paid $2.55 for regular unleaded gas to begin 2015, but by May were paying above $3.70 per gallon.

DeHaan said one of the biggest complaints from motorists is price gaps between stations.

We're seeing the lowest expected price of gas of the year this month in January 2018, at $1.13.

And then a combination of factors will contribute to hikes as high as 50 cents a gallon during the spring, Jenkins said.

Gas prices rise 2 cents a gallon to $2.53 in Rhode Island
Gas prices rise 2 cents a gallon to $2.53 in Rhode Island

There's gas to be found for $2.50 or less at 64 percent of gas stations nationwide, while the cheapest gas is being sold in Missouri, at $2.23.

So five sites with Walmart ties were posting four prices. "But I think during the next month, as you move away from the holidays, you'll begin to see gasoline prices going down", he said. He also stated that they believe that gas prices will stay below $3, but changes in oil production can change that.

Chattanooga gas prices average 32 cents per gallon less than the US average price for regular gas of $2.48 per gallon.

GasBuddy expects this year's fuel prices to be the highest since 2014. "Provided that global demand remains robust, the cartel's assumption is that the elusive supply and demand balance will be achieved sometime in the year ahead".

Gas prices have held relatively steady during the first seven days of the year, according to the auto club AAA.