Federal Judge Rules DACA Must be Reinstated

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Earlier this week, a federal judge blocked the administration's plans to end the program. "Both democrat and republican, i really believe they're gonna come up with a solution to the DACA problem", said President Trump.

Then on Thursday, a bipartisan group of senators presented the president with an agreement on new legislation for immigrants brought to the US illegally as children.

"We're seeing business owners who have been here for 20 years having to be sent back to countries that they don't know", says Gomez.

"I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with", Trump said during a Cabinet Room meeting with a bipartisan group of almost two dozen lawmakers.

As for the effort on DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program started by the Obama Administration, the group of six Senators - three Democrats, three Republicans - saw their work product differently, arguing they were following the President's directions to find common ground on this hot button issue.

DACA is an Obama-era program which ends March 5th.

"I would not be willing to give people who entered the country illegally a special pathway to citizenship". We are at a deal.

Democrats and other supporters of the so-called DREAMers have called for a legislative implementation of DACA to be attached to a must-pass spending bill that would keep the government funded beyond January 19. The program that protects undocumented young immigrants from deportation. Their parents could get renewable legal status although they couldn't become citizens.

"Those who are against the Dreamers just lost in a big way", Becerra said. Promoting and enforcing the rule of law is vital to protecting a nation, its borders, and its citizens.

One person briefed on the meeting said when Durbin brought up the subject of Haiti, Trump questioned it in vulgar terms and added that the USA should get more people from countries like Norway.

The Wall Street Journal quoted him Thursday as saying in an interview that Mexico can pay for a wall through the North American Free Trade Agreement.

A remark from President Trump has now possibly jeopardized the negotiations. We are told they are getting multiple calls but for right now, there is not much they can do until this goes into full effect.

No doubt better border security and a more logical guest worker visa program are essentials, but all these issues can be dealt with after Congress passes a budget, which is the real priority now.

But until now, Trump's support has been contingent on Congress appropriating money to build a wall on the U.S.