Donald Trump vows to shakeup libel laws after damaging book published

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Curious about President Trump's health?

The person, who has been involved in past presidential physicals, said the White House Medical Unit typically prepares a summary to give the media after the exam is completed. I'm going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and terrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money, ' Trump boasted. "I have relationships with people". Went to television. And for 10 years was a tremendous success, as you probably have heard. "You can't stand the heat or the truth but no one forced you to run for President".

The White House, which has disavowed the book, said this week that the physical won't include a psychiatric exam and insisted Trump is "sharp as a tack".

Trump's checkup comes amid questions about his health and publication of the new book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", which casts doubt on Trump's fitness for office.

Trump was unsatisfied and asked again, the officials said.

"I think that the Democrats may actually take the House this time. It didn't exist, okay, it's in his imagination".

Shulkin said he has identified suicide among veterans as his top clinical priority, and determined that people who have left the military within a year are between 1 1/2 to two times as likely to commit suicide as any other age group. "He listens closely to his daily briefing", Pompeo said on "Fox News Sunday." Chairman Rupert Murdoch, and that book was a "terrible expose and it was false, so much of it was false".

Trump has previously called the book a "work of fiction" and he bemoaned the country's "very weak" libel laws. He said: "Our current libel laws are a sham and a disgrace, and do not represent American values or American fairness".

Answering questions from reporters at the White House, Trump on Thursday said with a chuckle that if it does not go well on Friday, the stock market will take a hit. He says no cost should be spared when it comes to mental health. In a series of interviews previous year, Trump showed journalists how he summons a butler to bring him a soda by pressing a red button on his Oval Office desk.

Only a few hours before his interview with the Journal, Trump reacted on Twitter to a "Fox & Friends" segment, seemingly rethinking his support for a federal surveillance program because a commentator urged him to reconsider. "But I don't know this man". Now Sloppy Steve has been dumped like a dog by nearly everyone. "That's why Sloppy Steve is now looking for a job". During a photo shoot with fellow world leaders in Italy last summer, Trump was transported in a golf cart up a small hill while everyone else walked.

Trump has also hinted in the past, both as a candidate and as president, that he would like to change libel laws as a means of fighting back against media outlets that he believes treat him unfairly. "I'm a very flexible person".

"If you're a good internist, you do ask about those issues, because they should be caught and treated", Saltz said. "They've been giving everything". "Certain thing affects the mental psyche of people period". They did not say if he would undergo other screenings, such as cognitive and neurological exams.