Dish Adding Google Assistant Capabilities

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Other devices seemed to extend the definition of smart home to new corners. In fact, we've sold more than one Google Home every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October. The Little Fish VS1 screen-enabled smart speaker is powered by the latest and most advanced version of Baidu's conversational AI system, DuerOS 2.0. YouTube, Google Photos, Duo for video chat - they'll all be featured in each of the smart displays that come to market.

Alexa will let drivers and passengers get directions, control entertainment features, get the news and perform other functions in the vehicle via voice command, the companies said Tuesday at the CES consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas.

Once Alexa is enabled, drivers can ask her to do things like adjust their smart home's temperature so it's comfortable when you get there, add milk to your shopping list on your way to the store, or listen to an audiobook from Audible.

Alexa is coming to smart glasses such as these. LG showed people controlling air conditioners, lighting and other devices with "Hey Google" spoken commands. We will continue to roll out the Assistant to existing Android TVs such as AirTV Player, TCL, Skyworth and Xiaomi. More importantly, outside brands aren't welcoming space inside their devices to other voice assistants.

Companies are rushing to incorporate voice control into their products and making sure they work with whatever service you use. The page also talks about Google Assistant integration in various smart home devices offered by manufacturers like LG, Nest, Philips and Wemo. Indeed, both screens are slated to make their debut around the same time - in the US, that'll be this summer. And we're working with auto makers to integrate the Assistant directly into their cars - no phone required. If you're a Dish user, you should have some level of excitement already. That constrained consumers in how they used the service, Whitten said, with many just speaking in short search terms, much like the ones one would enter with a keyboard. In the directory page, you see categories on the left side and actions on right. Given that both the Lenovo and JBL units have release dates around early summer, I suspect this one will follow suit. C'mon, you knew it was coming eventually.

That's our news for the day. The device is available to purchase in two different color options.