Decision to block DACA termination sheds hope

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He met with two dozen Republican and Democratic lawmakers Tuesday at the White House, urging them to craft a compromise that would accommodate the Dreamers but also achieve some immigration reforms. Trump did not budge on his wall proposal during a bipartisan White House meeting with Congress members Tuesday, but he did appear to be more accepting of approving an immigration deal.

The complex and arguably confusing negotiations come as a federal judge in California has temporarily blocked the Trump administration's decision to end the deferred action program, for undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. That's the program that protects young people in the country who were brought to the children. Since the program began phasing out in the fall, those whose protections expired had been unable to renew.

"Now I'm more convinced that the courts will find that what Donald Trump and his administration did was not legal".

The ruling from U.S. District Judge William Alsup said the administration must resume receiving DACA renewal applications for existing enrollees while lawsuits play out in court.

"A court case is no guarantee of lasting security; a higher court can quickly overturn it", Schumer said on the Senate floor. Earlier this week, the president said he would be open to a clean DACA bill, but later clarified that any deal has to include funding for a wall. "The iron is hot".

"A lot of those anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest meetings they've ever witnessed", he said. But Republicans control both chambers, and many want to see big crackdowns on illegal immigration. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., told reporters on Capitol Hill.

No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas told reporters Wednesday he'd be "surprised" if an immigration deal can be completed by the January 19 deadline.

Rachel Maddow host of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC called Trump"an openly racist president

"We were hoping for that, but the president is not prepared to do that at this moment", Durbin said. The CEOs argue that allowing DACA to expire could result in a negative impact of $215 billion on the USA economy.

Without the President's buy-in, the work of the group can't reach the Senate floor, Republican leadership said.

The agreement among senators came as more than 100 corporate CEOs urged Congress to "act immediately and pass a permanent bipartisan legislative solution to enable Dreamers who are now living, working, and contributing to our communities to continue doing so".

Also under consideration, according to congressional aides, is a plan to restructure the "diversity" immigrant visa program so that it no longer operates via a lottery system.

Murad Awawdeh of NY Immigration Coalition added, "When folks talk about border security, and more money for enforcement, what that does is pits communities against each other".

At Wednesday's meeting with lawmakers, Trump said he would be willing to place a DACA fix within a "bill of love", but did not specify what such legislation would entail.